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Sat, 25 Mar 2017

Your Week Ahead: When you were small, did you have a favourite pair of shoes? Did you wear them all the time? Were you sad when you realised you'd outgrown them? This was necessary and right. Yet, you probably couldn't see it at the time. Now think about the way in which some of your ideas about life are beginning to change. With Mercury conjunct your modern ruler in 2017's great T-square, you may no longer feel and think quite what you once felt and thought. That's appropriate. Don't fear, regret or worry about a change. Grow with it.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: In the old days, people wrote love letters. A letter is a poor substitute for a conversation - by its very nature it's a monologue of one person's thoughts, rather than a true meeting of minds. No matter what future it talks of, to the reader, it's a snapshot of the past. Yet it does afford one advantage over telephone or video calling: preservation. A heartfelt declaration on paper can be re-read, whilst words at the end of a phone can fade into the distance. This week, there's a message you can revisit that will reignite strong feelings in your heart.

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