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Archive for Thursday 10th April 2003 - People who fly
St. Joseph
St. Joseph

The Pope has given his blessing to the cult of St Joseph of Cupertino. That is interesting because St Joseph, a Franciscan monk who died in 1663, was best known for his flying. During church services he would suddenly cry out and rise into the air sometimes as high as the ceiling. This upset the priests. They barred Joseph from church and sent him to a remote monastery. But he went on flying because he could not help it. Whenever he prayed he became ecstatic and soared upwards. Once he flew into a treetop and had to be helped down.

The Vatican has records of about 250 holy people who levitated. Similar cases are reported by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and other religious authorities. Not all levitators are holy saints. By all accounts, it can happen to anyone. Tribal shamans and witches are often said to be carried up by spirits. In modern cases of spontaneous levitation, poltergeists are supposed to be the cause. It also occurs during spirit-seances.

Daniel Douglas Home levitating
Daniel Douglas Home
In 1871 the popular medium, Daniel Douglas Home, was investigated by scientists. He amazed them by flying up to the ceiling and in and out of windows. Whatever is behind this phenomenon - spirits, demons or angels - the effect is the same. People are carried into the air. Some of them are saints, some are magicians, and some are just ordinary folk who have become involved in something that neither they nor anyone else can understand.

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