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Archive for Thursday 11th April 2002 - The geometry of paradise on earth

Over the last four weeks we have looked at the basic shapes of geometry - the divine circle, the rational, earthly square, the space-filling hexagon and the pentagon, symbol of life and humanity.

The next shape is the seven-sided heptagon. It is the most intriguing figure, the symbol of mystery. One reason is that no one can construct a perfect heptagon with just ruler and compass. Prizes have been offered for it, but they have never been won.

The heptagon relates to the soul and the eternal goddess. Ancient cities were laid out rationally in divisions of twelve, but at their centre was the number 7, represented by the state oracle. Its priestess gave advice to the rulers intuitively, as the spirit moved her.

Each of the simple shapes in geometry has its function in magic and enchantments. When set together in one diagram, each in its right place, they form the complete, ideal pattern of the universe. A magical saying is, "Like attracts like". That is why the old builders of towns and temples planned them in certain numbers and shapes. By imitating the ideal, they brought paradise closer to earth.

A geometric symbol of paradise is the dodecahedron. It is the solid, 12-sided figure, each of whose sides is a pentagon. The pentagon represents humanity, so in this figure are the twelve races or astrological types, set together in perfect order and harmony. It tells you what geometry is really all about - the realisation (or an occasional glimpse) of paradise on earth.

John Michell

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