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Archive for Thursday 14th August 2003 - Letter from Hanneke van Dongen

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This letter, I think, speaks for itself.

Dear John,

I have hardly talked about this before (people tend to look at you as if they see water burning.), but I have seen something UFO-like twice in my life. The first time, it didn't seem to notice or frighten me or my friend. We simply concluded "Oh look, an UFO." as if that is something you see flying around every day. Yet it felt very special.

The second time was more peculiar. We were bringing my boat home and had suffered some serious technical problems. It was the middle of the night and we were in the middle of nowhere, tired and very anxious to reach a safe harbour.

I started to think "If the engine fails now, or the boat sinks we will be lost. If there is something out there.. please... help us, I can't keep on like this."

I was keeping my mouth shut because the tension was quite enough without expressing my fears when whatever it was suddenly came floating from behind some dark tree-tops ashore on our right. A bright light dimmed every time I looked at it, only to brighten again when I turned my gaze away. It kept changing speed and 'hiding' behind trees but it never changed its altitude. At first I thought it was my fatigue playing tricks on me, but after a while I informed my friend.

I thought he would see nothing, proving that the whole thing was just my imagination. But he saw exactly what I saw. He froze and felt goose-bumps too. The light stayed close to us until we finally reached a harbour. In the morning we woke up to find ourselves next to a big cargo-boat which was willing to tow us home. Without that tow, we might never have reached home safely.

Best regards,
Hanneke van Dongen

John Michell

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