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While John Michell has a brief break from this page,another living legend will be taking his place. Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and the author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals (Arrow, £7.99). His website is: Jonathan Cainer

Archive for Thursday 18th December 2003 - Unexplained Powers - Bonds between mothers and babies by Rupert Sheldrake

Christmas is centred on the sacred child and the sacred mother. Jesus and Mary are on hundreds of millions of Christmas cards. The bonds between mother and baby are some of the strongest in human experience.

Many mothers feel connected to their children even when they are miles away. In particular, some mothers who are breastfeeding have found their bodies tell them when their baby needs them. Their breasts react by releasing milk, the so-called let-down reflex. Carole told me: “When my youngest son was a baby, I had the experience of my milk letting down when I was away from him. This was accompanied by knowing that he needed me. When I would phone home, the babysitter would always confirm that he had just woken.” Carole fed her baby on demand, and this was not a matter of routine.

Pam, in Blackburn, Lancashire, says: “I know when my baby cries when we are apart. The very second I think she may be crying I leak. When I get home she has usually been crying at the time I have leaked. My husband says that my boobs are like aerials.”

I have carried out a study with nine nursing mothers who kept a record of the times at which their milk let down when they were away from their babies. The babysitters also kept notes. On many occasions the mothers’ milk did indeed start flowing when their babies needed them, way beyond chance.

Some mothers find that they wake in the night just before their baby starts crying, even in another room, and even at non-routine times.

The ability of mothers to react to their babies’ needs at a distance is obviously of survival value for babies.

We understand very little about these intimate connections. Christmas helps us remember their importance.

I would like to hear from readers about telepathy between children and parents. Email Rupert Sheldrake with subject heading: Rupert Sheldrake.

Rupert Sheldrake

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