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ARCHIVE for Thursday 27th December 2001 - Secret governments of the underworld

When we think about life beyond the surface of the earth, we think about space. But, as far as we yet know, there is no life out there. That does not mean we are the only creatures in the universe. What about inside the earth? There are many accounts, both ancient and modem, of contacts with beings from the under-world. At first sight they seem improbable. Nothing can live more than a few miles below the earth's surface because the pressure becomes too great. But it is a curious fact that, throughout the world, vast tunnel systems have been discovered, and no-one knows who constructed them, or why. In parts of Europe they were a local secret. When armies invaded, towns and districts were deserted and the people moved underground. In Africa, merchants and camels travelled unseen through large tunnels. One of these was recorded in Tanzania by the explorer Captain Grant. It was so long that it took from sunrise to noon for a caravan to pass through it.

In the wild parts of Asia - the Himalayas and the Gobi desert - are secret entrances to underground cities. This is an ancient tradition, and it is still widely believed. One of these cities, Shambala, is said to be the real capital of the world. It is the seat of the hidden Ruler. He and his court are wise and benevolent. But not all the underworld beings are like that. Some are spiteful and evil, and they are the cause of all troubles in this world.

Many people have searched for these buried cities. Some were looking for treasures, others for ancient wisdom. No-one in modern times claims to have found the world capital. But there are stories of ‘hidden masters’, deep in the mountains, who have passed on the secret doctrines of Shambala. In the 1930s, while searching for these masters in Tibet, Theodore Illion, found his way to an underground seat of government. He soon realised it was a black-magic centre, staffed by zombies, and managed to escape.

There are many such stories, and I do not suppose they are all true. I do not like to believe in an underground world-government. But I think there is some truth in the Shambala story. Which is, that we really are under divine rule, and the earth is full of all kinds of beings or spirits, above ground and below.

The hollow earth and the myth of Nazi UFOs
There are countless books on mysterious tunnels, the hollow earth, monsters from the underworld, secret conspiracies, the hidden wisdom and so on. Some are good and honest, others are stupid or nasty. The best I know is Arktos by Joscelyn Godwin (Thames & Hudson, 1992). It sums up the whole subject, from the dream of a lost paradise to the modern myth of Nazi survival and UFOs from hidden bases in the underworld.

John Michell

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