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ARCHIVE for Thursday 14th February 2002 - The centre

At the heart of mystical science is the image of the Centre. The universe is a great sphere, constantly revolving on its axis. That is why everything keeps moving and changing. Only the centre remains fixed and motionless. The world-axis is therefore a symbol of divine, law, which is the same from beginning to end.

Every nation has its centre. There is usually some monument there, but few people know about it. The United States has its centre at a spot near Lebanon, Kansas, where the Stars and Stripes flag is raised every morning. There is also a flagpole at the geographical centre of Australia. Monuments can be found at the centres of Russia, Asia, South America and elsewhere. In ancient times the national centre was a sacred spot, where kings were installed, justice was given and a mid-summer festival took place. It was located upon the pole or axis of the country - the line between its two most distant points. Ideally it was half-way along that line.

A perfect example is on the mainland of Shetland. If you draw the line between its most northern and southern tips, the half-way point is on a tiny islet in a loch. That is where the old Shetlanders had their central parliament and law-court.

All over the British Isles are sites like this - once famous, now forgotten. Next Thursday I shall come to the interesting questions: where are the centres of England, Ireland and the whole of Britain?

John Michell

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