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Welcome to John Michell, a best-selling author and world authority on the mysteries of existence. John writes regular weekly articles for my page in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Now those articles can be read on this site. It is a thrill to have John writing for us about unexplained phenomena. I have been an admirer of his work since I was a teenager. I hope you enjoy his thought-provoking work. Jonathan Cainer

Archive for Thursday 20th February 2003 - The 10 World's greatest mysteries...
No. 5 Mysterious creatures that haunt the earth

Are we alone on earth? That question is behind the whole world of mysteries. The modern belief is that we humans are the only intelligent creatures. Yet in earlier times it was known that other beings live among us and take part in our affairs. Mostly they are invisible but sometimes they are seen, as angels, fairies, phantom animals or alien intruders.

These things are called illusions, because they have no fixed forms. They take on the appearances that people expect. That is why visions of the Virgin Mary occur only in Christian countries. When fairies were seen, they were like the local humans, only smaller. Today, in the space age, they have been replaced by extra-terrestrials. Instead of fairy kidnappers, we have reports of alien abductions.

The ancient Greeks recognised a ‘daimonic’ realm in nature. It was not demonic in the evil sense, but included all spiritual entities, from gods and angels to souls of the dead. Their religious rituals were for keeping up good relations with these unseen powers.

If you accept the existence of a daimonic realm, life becomes less puzzling. You need no longer worry about explaining things bit by bit, because the mystery is all one, and beyond any rational explanation. Ghosts, poltergeists, yetis, lake monsters, UFO lights… all weird phenomena have a similar reality. It is different from our present reality, because it is not material. But it is always with us, and one day, perhaps, we will enter it.

John Michell

If you have a favourite mystery subject - from spontaneous human combustion to ancient Celtic ritual sites, write to John, suggesting a theme. And if you have any answers or theories about the mysteries John will be highlighting, he would particularly like to hear from you.

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