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ARCHIVE for Thursday 21st February 2002 - England's centre

Everyone has a centre. That is the point from which you think and see. It is an important subject, because until you are properly centred (in the divine mystery rather than your self) you have a miserable life. Countries also have centres. Last week I promised to identify the centres of England, Ireland and the British Isles.

The British Isles centre is in the Isle of Man. The exact spot is half way along our main axis, the straight line between Landís End and John 0í Groats. Around it was the inner sanctum of British Druidry. A circle of 50 miles radius, drawn from there, touches England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. To find the centre of England - or mainland Britain - you drawn the axis from its central southernmost point, St Catherine's Point on the tip of the Isle of Wight, up to John 0' Groats. Upon this line is the village of Meriden in Warwickshire, ĎThe Heart of Englandí. The stone cross on Meriden village green has stood for over 500 years and is recognised as the national centrepoint.

There used to be an an annual festival at Meriden on May 24. It has not been held for a couple of years, but I am happy to report that it wil take place again this year. I am planning to go.

Most interesting of all, especially today, is the centre of Ireland. In Irelandís ancient divisions and its mystical, royal centre is the key to peace and happiness throughout the whole land. But there is no room for it now, so it must wait till next week.

John Michell

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