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Welcome to John Michell, a best-selling author and world authority on the mysteries of existence. John writes regular weekly articles for my page in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Now those articles can be read on this site. It is a thrill to have John writing for us about unexplained phenomena. I have been an admirer of his work since I was a teenager. I hope you enjoy his thought-provoking work. Jonathan Cainer

Archive for Thursday 27th February 2003 - The 10 World's greatest mysteries...
No. 6 The ancient Mysteries of life after death

The greatest mystery in life is the mystery of death. What happens to us after we die? Some people laugh at that question. They do not believe in soul or spirit or life hereafter. When we die, they say, our bodies turn to dust or ashes, and that is the end of it.

That is the modern view, but it may not be the right one. Socrates and all the ancient philosophers insisted upon the reality of the afterlife. That was because they had been initiated into the Mysteries.

To be initiated, you had to spend many years in preparation. You were taught to see the beauty and order in nature. Then came the ordeal of the Mysteries. You were taken underground and laid in a coffin, as if dead. Alone and buried, you experienced the underworld and all the horrors that imagination can produce. Some people went mad, but those who survived returned to the sunlight and felt themselves born again. From then on, they were free from all fears and worries. They had gone through the worst, and had glimpsed the light of goodness behind it all.

The same thing happens today, not through the Mysteries, but spontaneously. It is called the near-death experience. That is when you come back from the point of death, having seen the glory beyond. It happens quite often, and many lives have been changed by it. It does not exactly prove anything, but it makes you wonder. Did the ancients know something that we have forgotten?

John Michell

If you have a favourite mystery subject - from spontaneous human combustion to ancient Celtic ritual sites, write to John, suggesting a theme. And if you have any answers or theories about the mysteries John will be highlighting, he would particularly like to hear from you.

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