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While John Michell has a brief break from this page,another living legend will be taking his place. Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and the author of The Sense of Being Stared at: And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind (Hutchinson, 17.99)
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Archive for Thursday 29th January 2004 - Out of the Body Experiences by Rupert Sheldrake

Out of Body image Some people have found themselves 'out of their bodies' as if their centre of consciousness has become detached from their physical body. Out of the body experiences often occur in moments of crisis, for example after accidents or during operations in hospitals.One man who was under general anaesthesia said: "Freely hovering and looking downwards from above, I saw my physical body lying on the operating table."

Usually people look down on their physical body from somewhere near the ceiling, and stay within the room. But sometimes they travel further. Shirley, in Broadstairs, told me: "I have felt myself step or float away from my body and have travelled at great speed outside of my body."

In some ways these experiences are similar to dreams, when we all have such experiences. While our physical bodies are asleep in bed, we have bodies in our dreams in which we can walk around, talk and even fly. The difference is that people enter 'out of the body' experiences from being awake, rather than asleep. The experiences seem clearer and more realistic than ordinary dreams.

Sometimes people travel out of the body and seem to see things that are really happening. Rachel, in London, said she found herself out of her body when she was critically ill in hospital. I decided to go home to see the family. I remembered what they were doing, and when they visited me the next day they confirmed my knowledge was accurate."

Many people are reluctant to talk about these experiences for fear of being thought strange. But out of the body experiences are commoner than most people think. Surveys have shown that about one person in five has had one. Some people can even induce such states at will, travelling wherever they like 'at the speed of thought'. But what is doing the travelling? Do we really have detachable minds, or is it 'all in the mind'?

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