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ARCHIVE for Thursday 3rd January 2002 - Numbers and the secrets of harmony on earth

Jonathan has asked me to write about numbers, and I am pleased to do so. The reason is that number is at the root of everything. The whole world is made up of proportions and harmonies, which are numerical. Scientists describe it in the same way, through numbers and formulas. The great Pythagoras in the 6th century BC said about the universe, “It is all number”.

That is all very well, but what does it mean to you and me? The answer is that we too are creatures of number - both in body and soul. Our limbs and features are geometrically proportioned, and our minds are constructed on the basis of number. That is why good music, composed of harmonies, soothes and pleases the mind, while ugly noise distresses it.

This subject is called traditional or esoteric science. Esoteric means hidden or secret. But the science of number is not secret; it is open to everyone. And it is only hidden because you have to find your own way into it. It is not a secret, but a well-recorded fact, that the twelve gods or zodiacal rulers in ancient times each had their own number - or set of numbers. And these numbers together provided the basic formula of the universe. Upon this formula or pattern great, long-lasting civilizations were founded.

This mystical science was inherited by the early Christians. Scholars among them created the holy names of the new religion to reflect certain numbers. Jesus was 888, the Holy Spirit 1080, and so on. The idea behind this was to regain the ancient world-order, with the twelve races of mankind united under the spell of music and universal number. The Church disapproved of this ‘pagan’ science and suppressed it.

Numbers are not just quantities. Each has its natural character and plays its own essential part in things. Twelve is the number that represents the order of the universe. That is because number itself is basically duodecimal. And that is why we recognise twelve gods and zodiacal signs” along with twelve tribes, astrological types and months of the year.

On the opposite pole to Twelve is the number Seven. Its character is spiritual, inspirational and ‘lunar”. In contrast to Twelve which represents the ‘solar’ values of rational order,” Seven symbolises Mystery and the world-soul. Its images include the reclusive virgin” the oracle and the queen in her chamber.

Seven is the number of the planets or wandering stars, and of notes in the simple musical scale. Seven colours are seen in the rainbow, seven days make a week, and there are 4 x 7 or 28 days in the lunar cycle. The eternal goddess, source of nature, is known esoterically by the number Seven. Having started this subject, I can hardly leave it here. So there will be another instalment next Thursday.

John Michell

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