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ARCHIVE for Thursday 31st January 2002 - The lesson of the Pyramid

As promised last week, the discussion here is about the meaning of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. No other building has been so carefully examined by scientists and scholars. All kinds of specialists have studied it - archaeologists, astronomers, astrologers, engineers. geographers, mathematicians and mystics. And they all say the same thing. That the Great Pyramid is, as nearly as possible, a perfect structure.

For many years I have studied the Pyramid. mainly through its geometry and measures. Like others. who investigate its different aspects, I glimpse a beautiful mind behind this work - the mind of a divinely inspired architect. it was someone who understood the number code behind the universe, and expressed it in one great building.

The moment you begin studying the Pyramid you make contact with that mind. It is worth doing so, because it can lead to deeper understanding - to initiation even. That is one reason why they built the Pyramid.

The other reason is highly controversial. It was to do with ancient knowledge about life and death and the career of the soul. The Pyramid was an instrument of priestly technology. It preserved the spirit of a pharaoh and kept his influence alive within the state. This led to a very conservative form of government.

The advantage of that system was that it maintained the high civilisation of ancient Egypt over a long period. The drawback was that it abolished personal freedom. For that reason the system fell apart. That is another riddle of the Pyramid. Can we be civilised without falling under tyranny?

John Michell

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