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Archive for Thursday June 5 2003
John is taking a break this week - instead we have a feature letter from Dr JF...

Dear Jonathan,
I am a scientist but I believe in Magic. This, for a long time, created a conflict between “the personal me” and “the professional me”. But recently I realised that magic is just science yet to be explained. Electricity, for example, would have seemed magical to a person 150 years ago. Microwave ovens, even in the 1940s would have seemed miraculous.

Einstein said time was curved. I have long considered the implications of this. At one point my theory on ghosts (I do know they exist because I have experienced them) explained time as a spiral. At points where time-lines get close, especially at specific locations where perhaps the electromagnetic energy is high, we may get “time slips”. I now suspect though, that there is more than one explanation. This may be why some “ghosts” just seem to replay one little scene while others interact with us. Your article about the standing stones gave me pause for thought. Places like Dartmoor and locations in Australia where granite is prevalent on the earth’s surface seem to be charged with a special energy. Stones there may very well have memories.

It’s not such a strange idea. After all, I am writing this letter to you on a computer which uses the fabric of rocks to write and record data. If silicon chips can do this, the silicon crystals in rocks must also have the same capacity to store and release information. What some scientists today call a “load of superstitious rot”, may well be tomorrow’s next quantum leap in our knowledge.


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