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Archive for Thursday 14th March 2002 - Esoteric geometry

The most famous school in ancient Greece was Plato's Academy at Athens. It was open to all, but Plato really wanted the children of kings and chiefs. There will never be a just society, he believed, until there is a perfectly just ruler. He taught the art of government, beginning with how to shape and govern yourself. Only if you know that are you worthy of ruling other people. Over the door of his school Plato wrote, "Do not enter unless you know geometry."

His reason was that geometry comes nearer to truth than any other art - apart from music which ranks equally with it. They are both, in different ways, expressions of number ratios, and number is the same in all ages and in every part of the universe. We did not invent it, we discovered it.

By studies of geometry, music and, above all, number itself, Plato prepared his students for initiation into the reality of our existence. He did not preach or give opinions, but led them by a series of proofs towards true perception. He showed the way to a happy and useful life. And he showed that the world is God-made and our souls are immortal.

Next week we shall have a look at geometry from Plato’s point of view - as a true source of knowledge about ourselves and the universe. They do not teach that aspect of geometry in schools today, and you cannot expect them to. It is an esoteric subject.

John Michell

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