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Archive for Thursday 29th May 2003 - The mysteries of love

An everlasting mystery that touches everyone’s life is the mystery of love. Poets and novelists are always dealing with it. So are psychiatrists. That is because obsession with love is the most common cause of confusion and madness. No one really knows what love is. One view is that it is a kind of fever. It deranges the minds of lovers and makes them act irrationally. If they lose the object of their love they become worse. You cannot argue them out of it because they are not thinking straight.

Priests and hermits, trying to be celibate, see love as a demon. It torments them and they struggle against it. But I do not think many of them win. More usual is the opposite view – that love is a healing angel, and when you find it with someone you will be happy forever. But that does not always work either.

According to certain experts, falling in love is a spiritual experience. Love, they say, is an aspect of God, and that is what really attracts you, more than your actual sweetheart. Their advice is to widen the range of your love, not limit it to one person but extend it to the world around you. I think that must be true. It is easier said than done, of course. But the first step is the hardest one.

Only time heals the pain of love. But recovery is often helped by a change of scene and company.

John Michell

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