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Archive for Thursday 30th May 2002 - Initiation and the entry to paradise
Part Three (final) on the Philosopher's Stone

Last weeks subject was the Philosopher's Stone and the stages you pass through in finding it. You start off in the dark state of ignorance, and rise upwards through the stages of opinion and learning. Not many people care to go further, and there is no need to. You can be happy on any level of existence, as long as you are mentally active and not in torment.

But there is a further stage, and those who have reached it say it is like living in paradise. Finding the Philosopher's Stone means entering the highest, most glorious state of being that anyone can imagine. You cannot get there in one leap. Anyone can enjoy moments of insight, when you glimpse a flash of perfect happiness. But when you come back to earth, it is just as you left it.

From what I have learnt, two things are needed if you want to find the Stone. You have to have risen above the level of opinion and self-centred cleverness. And you have to develop your vision. That means seeing beyond the pains and griefs around you, and looking for the good in everything.

This does not sound easy today. But the first step is the hardest, and once you have taken it you are on target for the Philosopher's Stone. The ancient priests practised initiation. They could prepare you for the experience of death that precedes the awakening into paradise. That is not available any more, but in place of it there is something better - the real thing. Now, for the first time ever, all knowledge is opened up for everyone. And if you (or I or anyone) choose the path to initiation, we can enjoy far richer lives than any of the miserable millionaires you see around.

John Michell

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