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Welcome to John Michell, a best-selling author and world authority on the mysteries of existence. John writes regular weekly articles for my page in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Now those articles can be read on this site. It is a thrill to have John writing for us about unexplained phenomena. I have been an admirer of his work since I was a teenager. I hope you enjoy his thought-provoking work. Jonathan Cainer

Archive for Thursday 8th May 2003 - The mystery of the lost library

All over Britain there are great treasures, buried or hidden away and forgotten. Some are powerful talismans, like the Holy Grail. Others consist of ancient books and records. There are many things, waiting to be discovered, which could bring big changes to our lives and to the whole country.

If I had three wishes, one of them would be for the rediscovery of the lost Glastonbury library. It vanished in 1539, when Glastonbury Abbey, in Somerset, was destroyed by agents of King Henry VIII. The site of the Abbey was the mystical centre of England. It was a sacred place in prehistoric times, and it was the spot where St Joseph of Arimathaea founded the first Christian church in Europe.

In the Abbey library were the ancient histories of Britain. Manuscripts recorded the quest and tragedy of King Arthur, and there were alchemical texts, containing the secrets of natural magic. When John Leland, Henry VIII's librarian, saw the literary treasures of Glastonbury, he was so amazed that he fainted.

When the Abbey was broken up, the library was looted. Pages of illuminated manuscripts, worth a fortune today, were used in local shops as wrapping-paper. But its real treasures were previously hidden away. For concealing them, Abbot Whiting was hanged on the top of Glastonbury Tor. Under torture he never revealed their hiding-place. Some day these records will come to light. Then we will know the true history of Britain and the mystical tradition that we have lost.

John Michell

If you have a favourite mystery subject - from spontaneous human combustion to ancient Celtic ritual sites, write to John, suggesting a theme. And if you have any answers or theories about the mysteries John will be highlighting, he would particularly like to hear from you.

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