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Archive for Thursday 28th November 2002 - The island of mysteries

Why is Britain is known to the rest of the world as the “island of mysteries”?

Every summer, young romantics flock here from all over the continent, attracted by the strangeness of this land. To them, it is the home of King Arthur, of ancient legends and monuments, of UFOs and of crop circles. As one such visitor recently said, it is “The Tibet of Europe”.

It was always like that. In ancient times, the chiefs and nobles of Europe sent their children to study at our Celtic colleges. In Britain and Ireland were the most learned teachers - initiators into the deepest Mysteries. In these colleges the light of wisdom was preserved throughout the Dark Ages. And from them came the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon missionaries who brought spiritual knowledge back to Europe in the 7th century.

Someone told me that Prince Charles once asked an Indian mystic, What is the destiny of Britain? The sage replied, To be the spiritual leader of the world. That is certainly how our country was seen by our national prophet, William Blake, who was born this day in 1757. Every nation, he said, should become aware of its high traditions, and we should work together to attract paradise down to earth.

Blake's national pride was no kind of stupid chauvinism. Every country has its part to play in the ideal scheme of things. Ours is an important role indeed – a point we should perhaps remember, next time we are tempted to complain that things are going downhill around here. It may be so… but we still live in a very special part of the world.

John Michell

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