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ARCHIVE for Wednesday 10th October 2001 - When does the world end?

One day the world will come to an end. That is certain, because the universe is solid matter and all material things perish. The same is true of human societies. They al1 come to grief in the end, and ours is no exception. What we would all like to know is, when will it happen?

That is where confusion sets in. Thousands of prophets have predicted the end of the world, but so far they have all proved to be wrong. Nostradamus seems to have expected it in July 1999, and other seers said 2000. But here we still are, and the next ominous date I know of is 2012. That is when the Mayan calendar ends. So the experts say. But I shall be 80 years old by then, so I do not really care.

Ancient records say that from time to time we are almost wiped out by some natural catastrophe. It either happens by fire or impact from above, or by floods from the waters below. In the first case, only people in shelters below ground survive. In times of flood, shepherds in the hilltops are the survivors. In either case, those who remain re-populate the earth and eventually become civilised. And then comes the next disaster.

Is it really like this? The evidence of geology says so. Recorded in the rock strata are sudden catastrophes. Old forms of life become extinct - and then new ones appear. Can we now foresee and prevent the natural disasters that are constantly threatening us? There is much talk about defenses against meteorites and against global warming. But I do not think we can beat nature. Not in the long run. When our time is up we have to go.

That is true on all levels. Today's world-crisis reminds us that we may be approaching the last days. Many people feel that. Prophetic writings and Revelation have suddenly become best-sellers. But things are always changing, and older people always think it means the end of the world. If that is what is happening, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Prophecies in the Bible say that destruction and renewal are part of the same process. And it is all leading somewhere - towards the restoration of paradise on earth.

Can you believe this? I can, because it seems the best way of seeing things. I accept that dreadful things may happen - and already are happening. We may even see the rule of a global dictator, or Antichrist, as prophecy foretells. But the evil period soon ends, and then comes the real Millennium. That is when the secret of perfect government is discovered, and the whole world is united in harmony. When you start thinking about the future in that way, it begins to become true and you feel happier. That is why I respect the old prophecies. If everything happens as and when it is meant to, you have nothing to worry about.

John Michell

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