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Archive for Thursday 25th September 2003 - What are they trying to tell us?

Ken and Edith are life-long Mirror readers, now in their mid- 70s, living in Doncaster. On two occasions they have seen a UFO. One was in the winter of 1984. They were walking with six others to a friend's engagement party just outside the town, and they all saw it - "a huge, steel-grey saucer shape with lights around the edge ? very silent, graceful, just above the rooftops." Ken and Edith were made happy by the experience. It showed them that, "we are certainly not alone in this universe".   
  Since I began this series about UFOs I have been overwhelmed with reader’s letters. Most say the same thing. There is something hypnotic about a UFO sighting. Nothing is said, no message is spelt out, but minds and lives are changed by the mysterious contact. The message that gets through, unspoken, is ‘You Are Not Alone’. 
You can tell the meaning of anything by what it does. By that token, the meaning behind UFOs is to open our eyes to the truth of things, that we are not the only conscious beings in the universe. But who is this message from? It cannot be an evil source. There are no reliable stories of people being harmed by UFO contacts. On the contrary, lives are enriched and minds comforted by this wonderful phenomenon.   
  Some people believe benevolent extra-terrestrials are preparing us for contact. Others think UFOs are manifestations from the spirit world. Perhaps they are both the same thing. Ancient records tell of 'gods' who, from time to time, come to earth and put our affairs in order. If that is what they are doing now, good luck to them. 

John Michell

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