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ARCHIVE for Wednesday 19th September 2001 - The face from space?

This is the face that is causing a sensation around the world. It appears to have been transmitted from outer space, but who is it meant to be? Elvis? Jesus? Your average ET? And is it male or female? black or white? good or evil? Everyone I ask gives a different answer.

The only certainty about the Face is that it appeared overnight on August 19 in a Hampshire wheatfield. It was not just any field, but right beside the Chilbolton radio telescope. That is where they look deep into space for evidence of alien life. While they looked, alien life came up behind them and left its mark on their back yard. So there is a sense of humour beyond earth. With the Face came a message, also imprinted on the wheat field. It was a reply to the data about ourselves and our planet which we sent into space a few years ago. It gives the colTesponding data about another part of the universe. Astronomers are now trying to decode it.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened in my lifetime. Earlier this year I promised to keep readers in touch with crop-circle events. No one had expected much, due to foot & mouth closing access to the country. But it turned out to be a spectacular summer. A huge crop formation, a thousand feet wide and made up of 409 separate circles, appeared in Wiltshire, and there were many other beautiful designs. Then, as climax, came the Face and the Message.

Perhaps it really is communication from space - but I am suspicious. It is all too neat, too carefully set up. There is humour in it all right. But it is the sort of humour I know well, because it is human. I think there is human intelligence behind crop circles. Some of them are made by hoaxers, stamping out patterns in cornfields. Others - the masterpieces - are generated on someone's computer screen and then beamed directly onto a field. But that is impossible. I know it is, but perhaps some genius has discovered how to do it, and is treating us to a show of miracles.

The crop circle saga
Crop circles have been in the news for about twenty years. At first they were simple circles of laid-down crops. Then more complicated designs appeared. In 1991 a pair of elderly tricksters, 'Doug and Dave', claimed that they had been making the circles. The media lost interest in the subject, but the phenomenon went on. It has continued each year to produce ever more wonderful patterns. Who or what is behind it all? You can believe what you like, because no one really knows.

John Michell

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