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Archive for Thursday 5th September 2002 - The usefulness of astrology

No one can reliably tell the future. Our weather forecasters are often completely wrong, and so are the highly-paid experts who advise governments on political and economic trends.

Yet, as Shakespeare saw, there are tides in the affairs of men. Events happen in their proper order, either in response to previous happenings, or because of the general flow of things. That general flow is observed by astrologers, and they relate it to the drama visible in the night sky the interactions of the heavenly bodies.

My own view of astrology is that it is no less reliable than weather prediction, and of greater practical value. Every day on this page Jonathan writes individually to each of the twelve types or temperaments that characterise humanity. His art is to perceive the direction in which things are moving, both in the heavens and on earth, and how they are likely to affect our various temperaments. To get a feel for the future, he interprets the present. Other experts in The Mirror are doing the same, each in their own field. But only an astrologer inquires into what is really going on. Astrology has no official standing today. As far as I know, there is no government astrologer to advise the Cabinet. That is an unusual situation. Up to modern times, every administration had its astrologers, seers and oracles. They warned against untimely wars and so on. This is now a topical subject, so I will continue it next week.

John Michell

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