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An instant online spoken Tarot reading from Jonathan is available right here, right now.

It lasts about 10 minutes and it works.

A tarot reading now costs 5.95 but if you subscribe to the 5 Star audio service it's half price at only 2.95. What's more your first 14 days of 5 Star is absolutely free so you'll be able to hear your weekly and personal forecasts too.. for nothing, for 14 days, and you can cancel at any time!

To get a Tarot reading at £5.95 click here.
To get a Tarot reading at a discounted £2.95 by joining my 5 star service click here.


cost £5.95 (USD$11.95 - EUR €8.50 - CAD$11.95 - AUS$12.95).
discounted cost for 5 star members £2.95 (USD$4.99 - EUR €4.25 - CAD$4.99 - AUS$6.99).

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