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April 17th to April 21st

Psychic ability - a gift?

Psychic ability is often spoken of as 'a gift'. If though, you have such a power and you do not know how to relate to it, you may see it as a curse. A while ago, I suggested as much. Here are a few of the many comments that came flooding in. Cindi in Kent works as a drugs and alcohol counsellor. She says that as they talk about their experiences, addicts will often describe visions and voices - not while under the influence of drugs - but in their sober phases. Shirley Gradwell from guernsey points out that instances of alcoholism are high in what they call the 'Celtic Fringe' regions of Europe. These areas are also famous for their high populations of artists, musicians and intuitives. Liz from London works with people who are troubled by eating disorders and other obsessive - compulsive cases, the victims of these illnesses are reacting to a strong psychic ability which they possess - yet which they do not understand.

The Full Moon

The Moon is full. Again. This time, in Libra. The Full Moon though, influences us all, regardless of what sign we belong to. We live in a world which is mainly made out of water. The earth, seen from space, is blue not green, on account of all those oceans. Water is also the chief ingredient in every human body. The Full Moon exerts a strong gravitational pull on all the water in this world. It causes an inner tide to rise within each of us - just as surely as it causes the level of the sea to increase. So if, today, you find your heart welling up with a strong emotion - or if feelings start flooding through you, don't be too surprised.


When the Moon is full, we all become more inclined to notice how crazy the world is. We also get more prone to reflect on our weaknesses... and strengths. I have been talking, lately, about how the gift of psychic insight may also be a curse. But of course, that's not always so. The following letter comes from B, in Wiltshire. "Dear Jonathan, As a child, I was always told I was odd. I used to "just know things" and, even when I turned out to be right - the grown ups would tell me off for speaking about what I could see so clearly. In my adult life I have been a teacher, an artist, an actress, a writer and I now manage a centre for children with special needs. I still have those visions. But I don't suppress them by drinking. I just take lots of quiet time alone in my garden. And I make a point of using my insights to help others."

How to regulate psychic sensitivity?
plus your feedback
"Dear Jonathan, on occasions, I experience strong psychic insights. I do not regard this as something special. It is a gift many people possess. I am not sure that I agree with you about a link between intuitive ability and a tendency to abuse alcohol or drugs but I do know that a gift like this can make life difficult. I am a very positive person but I get rapidly drained when I talk to someone with a negative outlook. It is almost as if I am absorbing their mood." This letter comes from Linda, in London. She goes on to say that in the building where she lives, a most unhappy couple occupy the top floor. Sometimes she can feel their 'vibes' coming down to her flat. She wonders if I can suggest a way to blank this out. I can, of course. I'm sure we all can. It remains my strong suspicion that many people use booze to create just such a defence. Others just crank up the stereo. Or watch TV. But do you know of other, less extreme ways to regulate psychic sensitivity without compromising inner awareness? If so, do drop me a line.

Easter, the Earth... Ethiopia

For some people, this is Easter weekend. For others, it is time for the festival of Pesach or Passover. The two events don't always coincide. Both vary their dates from year to year, according to strict ancient rules. To figure these out, you need to be a rocket scientist - though I can tell you that they involve phases of the Moon... plus the current position of the Earth, relative to the Sun. It is then, appropriate that another, more recently established tradition is celebrated tomorrow. Earth Day was first held on April 22, 1970. The basic idea is to invite people, of all creeds and cultures, to recognise the fact that we all share one small, rather wonderful planet. Meanwhile, for those who inhabit the part of this planet called Ethiopia, it is another kind of day entirely. A very sad and hungry one. Donations to the famine appeal can be made by clicking here or here.


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