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Is it possible for human beings to levitate? In my dreams, at least, I often find myself flying - and feeling as if it is the most normal thing in the world to do. Ancient texts suggest that it may be possible in waking life. Rumours abound of people who live in remote places and who can manage to do this. Indeed, I once met a business person who seemed perfectly sane but who looked me in the eye and said that he could float. So, on the grounds that if you don't ask questions, you don't get answers, I would like to know if it has ever happened to you? If so, when? Under what circumstances? All letters will be treated in confidence and if I print extracts, I will do so anonymously.

New planets discovered

Scientists have just announced the discovery of several new planets. Yesterday, a radio station rang to ask for my comments. I told them I had nothing much to say. "If or when we find another planet orbiting the Sun, I will get very excited. But these new planets go round distant stars. They are outside my territory." So far, so good. But then, foolishly, I added, "If you really want someone to explain why it DOESN'T make a difference to astrology, I'll do that for you." After the interview, I got several more calls. "Hello Jonathan this is Radio XYZ. We are doing a piece on the new planets. We hear that you are available to tell us how this will influence our zodiac signs." Aargh!

Leaving childhood

As children, our worlds revolve only around our family and friends. There comes a point though when we begin to wake up to the existence of a wider world. We recognise that there are other, fascinating people around; people who don't value what we have been taught to value - or who are not afraid of what we have grown up to fear. This exciting moment of discovery usually accompanies the onset of maturity. For centuries, the inhabitants of earth have seen themselves as alone in the universe. Now though, we are discovering many other planets orbiting many other stars. Some of these may well contain other life forms. In acknowledging this, perhaps the whole human race is getting ready to leave its childhood behind.

Cycle for peace

Many years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent several days in bed "For World Peace". In one way, it sounds very silly but then war itself, is a pretty silly thing. Supposedly sensible efforts to prevent it don't necessarily work. News has just reached me of a monk on a bicycle who is now trying to to promote world peace and raise money for a temple by pedalling across Britain. Though Kelsang Dondrub is a Bhuddist, he tells me that anyone who has a bike (and a heart) is most welcome to cycle alongside him. On Saturday, he rides from the Lake District to Preston. From there, he heads steadily south. If you want to know more, there's a website,

Why War?

So what, exactly, is the cause of war? Why does it break out? How can it be prevented? I have been thinking about this, ever since I heard about the monk on a bicycle, pedalling as hard as he can for peace. War, say some people, is caused by hatred and greed. Perhaps. But I suspect that, at the true heart of all conflict is 'self-righteousness'. One person (or nation) makes a move that they believe themselves wholly, unquestionably entitled to make. That move is then countered by others, who see it as wholly, unquestionably wrong. Where, I wonder, does all this absolute, total, furiously unshakeable conviction come from? Meanwhile, today Saturn will leave the sign of Taurus, where it has been for approximately two and a half years, and move into Gemini. Astrologer Kathryn Cassidy has written some interesting articles on the effect of this on all the signs of the zodiac - click on her link in the left hand frame. Enjoy.


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