Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 18th to 22nd

Gift guide - Aquarians

AQUARIANS like to be different. This makes it difficult to generalise about them. All that they have in common in a desire not to have too much in common with anyone else. This does not make them anti-social; to the contrary, they are gregarious. Nor does it make them want to stand out from the crowd. If everyone else is wearing blue this week, they will wear blue too... as long as it is a rare, particular, classy shade of blue. Aquarians have an eye for quality but they are not so daft as to think that "expensive" equals "best". They can appreciate any item or object as long as intelligence has gone into its design. Get them something unusual, witty, clever or thought provoking.

Gift guide - Pisces

PISCES is a water sign. Christmas presents, therefore, which are associated with water will always go down well. Exotic drinking vessels or bathing accessories for example will be well received - as too, will a luxury yaught(!) If you can't quite run to that, here's a sure fire tip. Pisceans without exception, have a thing about their feet. They can never get them as comfortable as they want them to be. Offer them comfy socks, slippers or a foot spa. Or find a chiropodist who does gift vouchers - or, for even more fun, send them to a reputable reflexologist.

Christmas Day Eclipse

On Christmas day, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun. There is glorious, potent symbolism in this event... even though it is not an event that all of us can actually see. By the time the eclipse takes place, it will be dark, in Britain. To view it, you will need to be in the USA - or in some other part of the world where the time is "behind" that of the UK. An eclipse though, is an opportunity to make a wish - whether you can see it or not. It is also a time when tense emotional issues are likely to clear themselves up. Which is most appropriate for the season.

Happy solstice

At this time of year, we are not just being influenced by the sky. Christmas is a powerful "social force" that exerts a strong pull on us all. But then, so it should. The date of this festival was deliberately chosen to coincide with the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn. This is the time (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) when we get the shortest day and the longest night. For countless thousands of years, people have taken this as a cue to hold a celebration. The actual ingress takes place today at 1.37pm. Happy solstice.

Eclipse of the Sun

Today's forecasts cover the whole period between now and Christmas. They take into account, the rare, potent eclipse of the Sun on Christmas Day - plus the fact that for many people, this is not so much a time of celebration as a time of potential tension. Hopefully, the re-assurance below is all you need but if you're having a particularly tough time of it, you can call the number below your sign for a further explanation of what's going on and why, ultimately, it's so positive. I'm off now, to start preparing a nut roast for my vegetarian Christmas dinner. I wish you a wonderful time... and I'll see you next on Boxing Day.


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