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February 1st to 4th 2000

TV Show, Radio Show, Nicky Campbell, Justin Toper, Steve Wright..

I am leading a ludicrously busy life at the moment - but a very happy one. This morning, I woke up at six to do 'The Big Breakfast TV show'. This involved giving forecasts in the style of a top-ten countdown, to a woman wearing a false beard. By eleven, I was live on air with Nicky Campbell - a well known British phone in host, famous for being tough on his guests. I think I just about survived the grilling. I had more writing to do for the Express after that - and then I went off to Radio Two to do my usual weekly phone-in with Steve Wright. Oh, and last night, by pure coincidence, I bumped into Justin Toper - a famous British newspaper astrologer I have long wanted to meet. It's all making up splendidly for the awkward few weeks that I have just had. Thank you for good wishes. I suspect that they have had a big hand in all of this.

English or American spelling?

IN the Express this week, we are serialising the year ahead predictions that you can find elsewhere on this website. Somewhat unusually (but very excitingly) I am actually working at the paper; helping the design the pages, write the headlines and check the text for spelling mistakes. Reading my own words back is a bit of an eye opener. It makes me realise that we could do with a bit more proof reading here on this site. Though if we do, we're going to have to decide whether to work with English spelling or American spelling. Or maybe we'll have to offer a version in both styles! If you have a strong preference, let me know. But don't expect a response too quickly. Right at the moment, I am working on a set of articles about an amazing ancient Tibetan secret. The first of these should be ready for you to read next week.

Partial solar eclipse

WHEN the Moon is new, as it will be soon, the stars become much brighter. Unless, of course, you live in a city - where it is never possible to see very much in the night sky. Street lamps may make a wonderful contribution to public safety but for astrologers and astronomers, they create what we call 'light pollution'. Happily, we don't need visual contact with the heavens in order for their influence to reach us. Take, for example, Saturday's partial solar eclipse. Only those who live in Antarctica will be actually able to view the event but it is not just of interest to penguins wearing specially treated sunglasses. For all of us, in different ways, it suggests a time when key personal commitments will come up for review and renewal.

How to pronounce Uranus?

ON Fridays, my predictions cover the whole weekend. On Saturdays, I give a seven day forecast and we update the phone lines at the same time. This particular week ahead is very interesting because it puts the New Moon in conjunction with Uranus; the herald of sudden change. Stargazers have to be careful when speaking about this planet. Patric Moore, the astronomer, always pronounces it 'Ur-an-us'. Personally, I prefer 'Your-are-nuss'. Most people though give it a hard 'a'. This can sound a bit, er, unfortunate. To make matters worse, the word 'Moon' has a double meaning these days. Yet all I am trying to say is that soon, under the influence of this event, we may see some surprising sights. Oh whoops. What I mean is...


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