Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 21st to 25th 2000

Media interest

Since January, I have probably given more TV radio and press interviews than in my entire career so far. The fuss is fading away now - but my move to the Express produced a lot of media interest in Britain. One thing I learned, as I answered endless questions - was how little most people know about astrology. Unless, of course, it's only the journalists who don't know! Just in case, I am going to dedicate the next few days to answering some basic questions about what astrology is - and what 'sun sign astrology' - the kind that I use for these daily forecasts, is all about.

Astrological personalities

Every individual is unique. Astrologers believe though, that we are all formed from a basic set of component parts. These parts exist in each of us - to a greater or lesser degree. We can all, for example, get angry. Yet some of us are often on edge while others rarely blow a fuse. Likewise, we can all 'show off'. Some of us need little encouragement. Others will only project under special circumstances. A full personal birth chart is like a private wiring diagram. You can use it to trace your moods, talents or tendencies. You can see why some usually dominate and you can trace hidden qualities with a view to making more of them. Now how, you may be wondering, do the twelve simple signs of the zodiac fit in to this complex idea? I'll tell you tomorrow.

Are you typical of your sign?

How typical of your sign are you? No matter who you are and what you are like, there is only one 'correct' answer to this question. "Typical in some ways... but not at all, in others." Everyone has a unique personal birth chart. Within each chart, ALL TWELVE signs of the zodiac are to be found. It is rather as if we are all artists with a palette of 12 colours to play with. Some palettes contain extra red. Others contain extra blue - and so on. We tend to use our dominant colour more freely. We can relate well to others who also employ that colour. We are especially interested in daily news of how our colour is faring in the fashion stakes. But we all have the ability to paint with the other eleven.

How accurate is a daily forecast?

If none of us are totally typical of our sign, how can a daily zodiac forecast be totally accurate? The honest answer is, it cannot be. Usually, it gives you a fair idea of the general outlook. Sometimes, it is bang on the nail. But in predicting for each sign, I am rather like a weather forecaster, trying to cover a whole continent with one comment. On a particularly wet day, that's quite feasible. From Rotherham to Rome, umbrellas will be needed. Some days though, the cloud coverage is patchy. And, even at a really rainy time, the downpour will be less relevant to those who are planning to stay indoors...

Reading your rising or Moon sign

If we have ALL TWELVE signs of the zodiac within us somewhere, why can't we just read all twelve daily forecasts? Or, at least, the prediction for our Moon sign or our rising sign? Some people DO this but I don't recommend it. It's a bit like living in the USA but reading the weather forecast for Ireland because you have some Irish ancestors. Your sun sign governs your 'primary perspective on reality'. We can all see reality from several different angles but (unless we want to get terribly confused) we will only ever let one of these angles be our 'main view'.


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