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July 17th to July 21st

Lunar and solar eclipses

An eclipse of the moon can only take place when the Moon is full - as it was, yesterday, in Capricorn. To be in with a chance of seeing a lunar eclipse though, you have to be in a part of the world where the moon is up in the sky at the time. Likewise, if you want to witness a Solar Eclipse (such as the one that's due on July 31), you have to go where the sun will up at the time. Even then, you're not guaranteed a view. Eclipses - as we all remember from last year's big show over Cornwall, create 'bands of visibility' across the earth. Does this mean then, that they are only relevant to the people who can actually see them? The answer is, they are especially, 'extra-important' whenever and wherever they can be seen. But like all celestial phenomena, they have an impact, whether you can see them or not.

The silly season

Soon, half the world will be on holiday and the other half will be sitting around, wishing that it, too, was taking a break. In the world of newspapers and TV, they call July and August 'the silly season'. There's less hard news to report - so journalists often have to beef up their bulletins by finding a sharp side to softer stories. I suspect though, that this will not be necessary over the next few weeks. The planets are not following an especially relaxed agenda. And the eleven year sunspot cycle is now at a peak.

The trouble with humans

The trouble with humans is that they expect one another to be superhuman. We tend to see, in our minds eye, 'cardboard cut out' pictures of people and situations. These mental images are full of extreme, exaggerated characteristics. Artists are extremely talented. Governments are extremely powerful. Pop stars are extremely attractive. Kids are extremely cute. Criminals are extremely evil. And so on. We see problems as extremely difficult to solve. We see opportunities are extremely easy to take. Yet the world isn't quite like that really. Or is it?

All about Jupiter

Extremes, in astrology, are traditionally ruled by Jupiter. When you want to see how someone is likely to over-reach themselves, you look at the position of Jupiter in their chart. You can't tell very much from the zodiac sign. Jupiter spends about a year in each sector of the sky. The fact, for example, that it recently began a long visit to Gemini, merely suggests a time when most people are due to be extremely interested in issues governed by Gemini - such as commerce and communication. To see precisely what a person born with Jupiter in Gemini is extremely keen to trade in - or talk about, we must look at how Jupiter interacts with other factors which are more specific to the exact date of birth.


If you look up after dark in the sky tonight, you may be able to catch sight of a comet passing through the constellation of the Great Bear. It is called comet LINEAR after the observatory where it was first seen in October last year. It comes from the LI in Lincoln, which is the name of the laboratory. The NEAR is derived from the fact that, at this laboratory, they mainly search for Near earth asteroids. The name is not very evocative or imaginative - but the comet itself is very romantic. It is, like all such celestial bodies, a herald of imminent sudden change on earth. And it is very much a sign of hope.


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