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June 19th to June 23rd

Daniel and the phone lines

Every week, I record twelve in depth, three minute messages, one for each zodiac sign. Only one person ever hears them all. For more than ten years, my brother Daniel has been listening with a critical ear, editing out the ums and ahs and making sure that if ever say something unclear, we go back and re-record the prediction. When the TV crew came to film him for last night's documentary on astrology, he cheerfully explained that most of what I say could be summed up in ten seconds. "You may be feeling low but soon, things will get better." Dan is now a bit concerned that his remark has been taken out of context and is now being used to bash what we do so carefully every week. But it is a fair comment. That often IS the crux of the message. The rest simply involves the reasons WHY you may be feeling low... and a list of the practical steps you can take to ensure a rapid improvement.

TV... and techniques

Over the weekend, I watched quite a bit of TV. There was THAT documentary... plus a football match on Saturday. The latter, I watched under sufferance. My teenage daughter and eight year old son were determined to cheer on England against Germany. Then, Uri Geller rang me up and said, you really should see this match, it is going to be good. And he was right. I suppose I have to concede that football matters, if only because so many people feel that it matters. But it takes years to learn how to cast a horoscope... and years more to specialise in one particular area of astrology. Astrologers who have mastered the art of making sporting predictions, don't write columns, they just place bets. They are always very coy about the techniques they employ. So perhaps it's just as well that I don't know how to do this!

Summer solstice

As you read this, I'll be travelling back from Stonehenge. Tomorrow, I'll let you know how it felt to see the Solstice sunrise from this ancient monument. Meanwhile, some important information. The Sun went down last night in Gemini. It rose up this morning in the sign of Cancer. In the meantime, it moved from one sign to the other. That happens every year, on or about June 21, but the time of the move can vary by several hours. That's why it is a bit of a fudge to give a precise date for when the various signs start and finish. If you were born near to any of those changeover dates, you really need to check your time of birth against a table of yearly movements. I'm pleased to say you can now do this over the phone. Call the number that appears below each forecast. Choose option 4 from the menu and you can have your zodiac sign finally confirmed in just a couple of minutes.


Yesterday morning the Sun came up over Stonehenge. I'd love to tell you that I know this because I saw it do so. I would like to add that as it all happened one of those mighty ancient uprights started to blaze with an eery glow. In fact though, the reason I knew that dawn had broken was because it got light - the sky was fiercely overcast. Thousands of people waited in the drizzling rain to see something that couldn't be seen. But it could be felt. It didn't matter. We had a party that went on all night long. A wild and wonderful celebration of a much loved friend's anniversary. Maybe that much-loved friend, the Sun, will actually come to play next year.

Good and bad horoscopes

Many people ask me if there is such a thing as a bad horoscope. I always reply, that the words "good and bad" do not figure in my vocabulary. If this is true for individual horoscopes, it is even more true for general alignments in the sky. What's good for one person, can be bad for another. And vice versa. Mercury has been in the sign of Cancer since the beginning of June. Mars and Venus recently entered this sign too. Yesterday the sun also arrived in Cancer. Though we really shouldn't talk in terms of good and bad, it must be said that for those with sincere motives and kind hearts, really have hit the celestial jackpot.


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