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November 20th to 24th

US election mercuy retrograde

Twice each year an optical illusion makes it seem, for a while, as if Mercury is moving backwards. Astrologers often advise people not to start new projects at such a time. A "retrograde" Mercury suggests problems with communication or transportation. Mercury last turned retrograde just as Britain's railway crisis began. It was still retrograde on the day of the US election. This weekend, I went trawling through the history books to see if any previous President had come to power under a climate like this. As I did, I found a very strange pattern. More tomorrow.

US election 20 year curse

I went looking, this weekend, to see if a Presidential election had ever before been held under the influence of a retrograde Mercury. I got my ten year old daughter to read out dates from the history book while I checked planetary positions. We soon found that it HAD happened before; several times, without producing a cliff hanging result. I was about to drop my line of inquiry when Jemima said, "Look Dad, it's happening every 20 years." At this point, I noticed something else. Many Presidents, elected at twenty year intervals from 1860 have died in office or been the victim of an assassination attempt. But I'm sure it is just a coincidence.

Mercury U turn

It is not uncommon for Mercury to race apparently backwards through the zodiac. Nor is it unusual for Mercury to go so far back that it re-enters a sign that it has previously visited. It is though, extremely rare for it to perform a rapid U turn on the very edge of a sign. On the day of the US election, Mercury started slipping into the sign of the scales... where it immediately "spun round" and zipped back out. There's apt symbolism for you. Mercury was at 15 Scorpio when this all began. Many astrologers think that we will not have a final outcome till November 24, when Mercury passes 15 Scorpio once more.

The new 21st century?

So far, the 21st century is not proving very different to the one that preceded it. The world is still in a dreadful state, most people still value money more than morality and, though the potential to establish a world based on peace, tolerance and harmony still hovers tantalisingly in the air, it would seem to be just as away as ever. Appearances though, can be deceptive. Positive processes of change invariably take time and inevitably involve setbacks as well as breakthroughs. The future remains gloriously bright - and we head nearer to it with each passing day.

View of the New Moon

Modern astronomers don't do much conventional stargazing. Instead, they stare at computers, analysing information obtained by satellite. Modern astrologers too, have a relationship with the sky that is often one step removed. We study maps of the heavens, not the actual planets. This is partly city lights blot out much of the picture. Even in a remote village on a cloudless night, moonlight can obscure the fainter stars. This weekend though, there's a New Moon. It's a fine time for anyone who wants to get a clear view of something that has previously been hidden.


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