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October 9th to 13th

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Today is John Lennon's sixtieth birthday. He may no longer be here on the earth in a physical body - but I don't think that should stop us from celebrating his birth. His spirit is still with us. His influence, on a whole generation, is as strong now as it ever was. In some ways, it is stronger. He has become an icon; a beacon of hope and a symbol of faith in a better future. John was a rebel and a visionary. His dream - of a world with less hypocrisy, less conflict and more love may still only be a dream... but it is a dream, which remains very much alive in the hearts of millions.

Celestial storm warning

Last week, I issued a celestial storm warning. It remains in force till Friday. That's when Jupiter and Pluto complete the current phase of their current opposition. Just to add power to the planetary party, the Full Moon will peak at almost exactly the same moment. Plus, of course, this Friday isn't any old Friday - it's Friday the 13th! None of this represents a reason to worry. The effect of it all will be to 'clear' energy that has been bottled up for too long. We'll all be feeling brighter by Saturday. But if you are finding life hard going at the moment - now you know why... and when it is most likely to get easier.

Meeting your soulmate

Peter from Ashton under Lyne writes "I have been told that when a certain pair of planetary influences cross each other in your birth chart, it marks the time when you will meet your soulmate. If this is true, can you tell me when it is going to happen to me?" If only it was this simple. It takes two different people, with two different horoscopes, to form a relationship. For a law like this to work, the same cosmic conditions would have to apply to both at once! Some planetary influences can, of course, make a person more open to the notion of finding - or thinking that they have found - a soulmate. But that's not necessarily quite the same thing!


A cult, we hear, are setting out to clone a child. Their leader has been inspired by an encounter with space aliens! Whatever else this true story may be, at least it isn't dull. But don't they know that humans are MORE than just physical beings? Do they really think that, just by reproducing the structure of a person's DNA they can recreate their spirit? It makes no sense - unless... hang on... I think I may have the explanation. Probably, to an alien, all earthlings look identical. They must think we already are just clones of one another. That, presumably, is why they gave this chap such dodgy advice.


Today is Friday the 13th. That means... nothing! The superstitions surrounding this day and date have no link to astrology. If odd things happen it is only because when a lot of people expect something, that expectation becomes a belief. Beliefs have power. That said, today brings an exceptional cosmic climate. A Full Moon plus a Jupiter/Pluto opposition. If beliefs can come true at any time, they have ten times more strength under such a sky. So please, don't waste energy worrying about 'bad fortune'. Believe in something constructive and positive. Then, watch out for minor miracles!


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