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October 23rd to 31st

Secrets of the sky

We can predict the positions of the planets with amazing accuracy. We know exactly where they will be next week and next year. We can even work out where they will be on a given day in the year 5,007. This is why great philosophers and scientists, from Pythagoras to Newton, have always been so interested in the sky. It provides our most reliable source of information about tomorrow. At the essence of astrology is one simple idea. The planets, as they move along those very precise paths, carry coded messages about future events here, on the earth.

Astrology and academics

At the essence of astrology is one simple proposition. The planets spell out messages in the sky. You can read their positions rather as you read the hands on a clock. Once you know how to do this, you can gain information about what's happening here on Earth. Great thinkers throughout history have believed this to be true. In the past 200 years though, scientists have ignored the idea. They see it as an ancient superstition to be scorned. I predict though, that this period of prejudice will soon end. Astrology is about to regain its rightful place in the world of academic research.

The Middle East

In the light of recent events, several people have asked me for my 'take' on the situation in the Middle East. I CAN see hope - of a kind - for every strife torn place on our planet. Stability - of a sort - remains attainable. No permanent peace can come though, until there is forgiveness where there now is resentment, understanding where there now is hatred, trust where there now is fear. My prediction? Though such a change seems far fetched now, enough genuine, natural inspiration to bring it all about may yet emerge over the next couple of decades.

Retrograde planets

Have you ever glanced through a train window while it is passing a slower train? Even though that other train is heading in the same direction, it looks as if is going backwards. The sky plays the same sort of trick on us, several times a year. Astrologers know that planets do not really go backwards but we still read meaning into the illusion. Uranus, today, ends a period of 'retrograde motion' that began in late May. This is good news for all who want to innovate. It is also good (see today's forecast) for Aquarians.

The light of the Full Moon

Full Moons are traditionally times of festivity. New Moons are seen as more suitable for quiet activity. This is partly because once, the Moon was the only source of light at night. If you wanted to hold a party, you did it at Full Moon so your guests could see their way home. New Moon was better for working 'under the cover of darkness'. The current New Moon, in Scorpio, suggests a chance for people, of all signs, to resolve private matters and express secret passions!

The rain on Neptune

When it rains on Neptune, it rains diamonds. Or so, at least, some scientists suspect. In 1989, Voyager 2 showed us that this planet is a rich, deep blue - due to the presence of a smelly, inflammable gas called Methane. Here on earth, people and animals produce it when they... well, let's not go into detail. Let's just note that Methane is made from four hydrogen atoms surrounding one carbon atom. Physicists think that under the enormous pressure of Neptune's atmosphere, the hydrogen bonds dissolve and the carbon atoms bind tightly together, producing daily showers of perfect gems by the zillion!


Easter belongs to the church. Guy Fawkes Day belongs to the state. No official body though, stands behind Halloween. It is probably the closest thing we have to a living, pagan tradition. When we dress ourselves up as ghouls, ghosts, witches and monsters, we are effectively taking "images of fear" and having fun with them. Much the same thing used to happen at Sambhain, the festival which was held on this date thousands of years ago. People would gather around giant bonfires to "dance with the souls of the dead"!


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