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September 11th to 15th

The hole in the Ozone layer

The hole in the Ozone layer has grown once more. That's official. It is also deeply worrying. This presumably, explains why we are all trying not to think about it. It is much, much easier to get angry or worried about something else. The price of fuel, the stupid decisions that governments make - any of the many other things that are wrong in this world. This real, enormous threat to the future of our planet is, somehow, just too big to contemplate. It seems as if there is nothing we can do about it. Yet all is not (yet) lost. I'll explain why tomorrow.

Pollution and pressure

Latest official figures tell us that this year's hole in the Ozone layer is much bigger than last year's. This is not a problem; it's a disaster. Something has to be done. Fast. Yet what can we do? The answer is surprisingly simple. We can care! And we can remind our friends that they too, ought to care. The more we care, and the more that others care, the less reason there will be to worry. As individuals, none of us can force this world to stop causing the pollution which is threatening our future. But when thousands or millions of people all care about the same issue, they can exert enormous pressure.

Fuel and consequences

We all want cheaper fuel. We don't though, want our homes to flood. Yet if we keep using so much petrol, the earth will continue to heat up. The ice caps, which are already melting, will melt even faster - causing the level of the sea to rise, scarily fast. That's what almost all the world's top scientists say. Now, here's an irony. We have, right here and now, the ability to make trucks and cars that use cleaner, safer sources of energy. Nobody though, is interested. Like addicts of a deadly drug, we only want more of that horrible hard stuff. For less money.

Alternative energy source

Why are we nervous about genetically modified food? Because we suspect it may damage our bodies... and our environment. We just don't know enough about it yet. About fossil fuel though, we know plenty. We can see and smell the harm it is doing. This visible pollution is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the iceberg is melting... fast! So why campaign for cheaper petrol? What we need, desperately, is an alternative source of clean, safe energy. That's what we must all campaign for... or we'll end up with a nightmare that makes the recent fuel crisis seem like a picnic.

The UK fuel shortage

The fuel shortage has reminded us all that we depend, every day, on several important resources. Without its enormous daily consumption of power, our modern world soon begins to fall apart. It is interesting to note though, that life itself carries on - regardless of whether or not we can travel from a to b. We human beings can still manage to be happy and to survive, somehow, without burning up petrol and diesel. Its a point well worth bearing in mind as we plan for a less polluted future.


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