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"ASTRO NEWS" for Friday November 2nd
edited by Patty Greenall

Signs of tension may hold hidden hope by Gerasime
editor of the authoritative Astrological Association Journal

Saturn is the planet of structure, while Pluto is associated with powerful transformative energies that usually arise out of some sort of crisis. Both planets are associated with power and how it is used. All contacts between these two planets usually correspond with intense purgative periods of life on earth that highlight the need to focus on the fundamental principles that underpin our existence. Often, the tendency to see things in black and white is prevalent during these periods - which are usually accompanied by dramatic events that test everything we take for granted or have hitherto ignored. With Sagittarius and Gemini forming the background for these two planets, belief systems, education, travel, and communication, highlight the need to re-examine our attitude in these areas.

Therefore, the period between now and the next opposition in May can be seen as an opportunity to transform our preconceptions and prejudices in order to create a more humane and tolerant world.

Name that planet
Hundreds of readers have suggested names for the planet, known only as 2001 KX76, discovered by Larry Wasserman's team of astronomers in Arizona. Here are some that caught our eye: Pan-Horus (Pan, ruler of earth forces; Horus, Egyptian restorer of immortal bodies), suggested by Karen Buckingham; Midas ("a golden find"), from Margaret Bluck, Yardley, Birmingham; Persephone ("consort of Pluto") or Nephele ("the cloud maiden"), both from Linda Tilstan; and Chrysaor ("winged horse of Greek legend"), from Angela Clark.

Keep writing. We'll make sure Larry's team receive the best.
Email (with subject heading: name that planet).

New phone service on the cards - UK only
Jonathan Cainer writes:
Every day, beneath your daily prediction, you can see an invitation to "speak live to an expert astrologer" and receive instant, in depth advice over the phone. Since its launch, Astro Live Link's service has proved extremely popular because, though 1.50 per minute is pricy if you see it as the cost of a phone call, it means you can have a ten-minute, live, personal consultation for just 15.

Today, by popular request, we add a new feature to our service. Though our lines will still be manned exclusively by fully-trained astrologers from now on, those who are also expert Tarot readers will be at liberty to use these psychic skills too, when seeking the clearest answer to your questions. This is presently only available in the UK but hopefully will launch in the US in the future.

SKYWATCHING with Bernard Fitzwalter
As the Saturn-Pluto opposition takes place, you can get a chance to see for yourself one half of that celestial cast in action.

Tomorrow night the moon passes right in front of Saturn, hiding one planet behind the other. Have a look at about 11pm. Astrologically, this is suspicious. Someone's definitely got something to hide - but what?