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"ASTRO NEWS" for Friday November 9th
edited by Patty Greenall

The new planet KX76 - Does that new planet spell doom for this one?
Readers of a of a nervous disposition should turn the page now. What follows is deeply shocking.

In just 538 days, when the newly-discovered planet, known only as KX76, is at its closest to the earth - the north and south poles will suddenly shift to create a new ice age, and floods, earthquakes and volcanoes will devastate m ost of the planet. And 90 per cent of the world’s population will perish. How do we know this? Because it’s on the internet, so it must be true, mustn’t it? Oh no it isn’t. This is just the latest in a long pantomime tradition of doom-mongering from conspiracy theorists with a book to sell. This particular group believe that the world is going to end - or come very close to it - in spring 2003.

You’ll find their ‘warning’ at

The doom-mongers believe KX76 is really Planet X, alias Nemesis, or Kibiris, to give it its ancient Sumerian name. It comes close to earth every 3,600 years, wreaking havoc in its wake. Of course, the only way to be sure of seeing the year 2004, they suggest, is to send $14.95 immediately to get their handbook with all you need survive. So far, 350,000 copies sold. This scare-mongering is good for business.

Jonathan Cainer says: "You can expect much more of this kind of scare story as the excitement builds around this new planet. But far from being a sign of catastrophe, this new planet is a symbol of hope."

At Lowell Observatory in Arizona, Larry Wasserman, the scientist who discovered KX76, took a look at the wacky site and said yesterday: "This is not going to happen. I don't know how these guys get away with this. It's utter garbage".

Larry Wasserman and Bob Millis, the astronomers who discovered KX76 have agreed to consider our suggestions when they are consulted about naming the new planet. This week scores more suggestions arrived, including Aurora (a new dawn of love and caring), from Sandra Todd; Psyche, from Suzanne Sutherland; Nirvana (enlightenment) Pam Lewis; Optimus, from Carol Barnard; and Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt) suggested by Andrea Tolme.

Keep writing. We'll make sure Larry's team receive the best.
Email (with subject heading: name that planet).

Astrolivelink - Advice is just a phone call away
If you phone Astrolivelink to talk live to an astrologer, your call will be handled in strict confidence. Below is an edited transcript, used with the caller’s permission, to show how one Astrolivelink astrologer, Adam, answered a particular problem.

Miss X: I've been divorced for some time and six months ago met the man of my dreams. The trouble is that he doesn't seem to want to settle down. Does it look like he ever will?
Astrolivelink’s Adam: Okay, first tell me your birth date, time and place.
Miss X: My birthdate is August 22, 1960, I think the time was about half past midnight, in Peterborough.
Adam: I can see right away that you have four planets in Leo including the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus. So the loving creative Leonine qualities are more prominent in you. You have Gemini rising which means that you like to be busy but can sometimes get restless.
Miss X: That's right, my mum always tells me to take more time out.
Adam: At the moment, Uranus in the sky is opposite to the Uranus in your birth chart. This will be ‘exact’ on December 19. So, until then, the unsettled feelings may crescendo. Can you tell me your man’s birth details?
Miss X: I don't know his birth time but his birth date is December 12, 1956.
Adam: Okay, well, he’s energetic and likes to be on the go, which is probably why you enjoy each other’s company. At the end of January, 2003 Pluto will transit his Sun in Sagittarius, which will really make him think about his aims. This is likely to be the time when he changes his tune but he'll be working up to it by this time next year. Give yourselves some time and space for now. Uranus is probably giving you the jitters and, if you’re not careful, you could cause real upheaval. Take stock of what you have in your life. Go with the energy of change by remodelling or redecorating, Uranus is in the 4th house of your home.
Miss X: I have been thinking along those lines! It makes a lot of sense to me! I think I just need something dramatic and new!
Adam: Well, Leos do like a bit of drama, but as your charts look very compatible, it’s worth taking your time.
Miss X: Thanks, Adam, you've been very reassuring.

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