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Pamela writes: In the last 5 years I have lost 4 family members and one long term relationship. My family now consists of myself and my mother. I love my mom and we will have a nice day but I do wish that advertisers - who bombard us with pictures of huge loving families seated smiling around the table - would be more sensitive to the fact that some of us will not have that Christmas experience. And it might be nice if they advanced the notion that it isn't NECESSARY to have that experience for Christmas to be meaningful. For me, the holiday season is something to be "gotten through" and I will breathe a big sigh of relief on Jan 2nd. I am grateful for the opportunity to express this without being called "Scrooge" - which the people in my office are calling me - affectionately... but I can tell they just don't "get it"

Christmas difficulties and enjoyment

Angela Hilton writes: "I DO enjoy Christmas despite some pretty awful experiences in the past - divorce, bereavement, etc. But what I cannot stand is the "Anything goes - it's Christmas" mentality - the constant excuse for excess and over-indulgence that is trotted out by everyone who has NO conception of what the festivities are meant to represent." By contrast, here's a comment from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. "I am sick of hearing about how stressed people are during the holidays. I feel like I'm in the minority for loving Christmas. Naysayers are jealous of my joy and constantly try to deflate it. I am made to feel guilty for enjoying the traditions. They don't deserve the attention they are given."

Love it or loathe it

Clearly, when I asked to hear from people who don't enjoy Christmas, I touched on a very raw nerve. I have never had such a response. There are, it seems three types of reply. Group one: the people who can't stand the holiday season but who dare not normally say so for fear of being called a Scrooge. Group two: the people who feel outraged that I have chosen this as a topic of discussion. They are full of criticism for the folk who don't like Christmas and say such letters are spoiling the season for them. Tomorrow though, I'll print some comments from the third, somewhat more constructive category.

Christmas ideas

"Everyone has an ideal of how Christmas OUGHT to be. That is the problem. Lose the expectations and enjoy."
"It is often easier to do what you feel is expected of you than it is to say "No thank you, I have a different plan this year" but we DO have that choice.
"If you find Christmas a drag, do what I do. Work for charity, all through the season."
"Dear Jonathan, I love Christmas... peaceful beautiful and bright. Please collect and showcase happy harmonious stories, too!"
My thanks, today, to Karen, Linda, Bob, Kate and Tia

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Behind the Signs: Today's eclipse is part of a family of eclipses which began in 1208AD. For some people, it's thought to indicate sudden endings to associations or relationships. With the moon involved, there is naturally an emotional influence too. However, as Pluto also plays a large part, there is also a transformative element, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Cosmic couple - Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw

Steven Spielberg b. December18, 1946
Kate Capshaw, actress November 3, 1953
The signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio are not supposed to get along well. Ho Hum. So much for conventional astrological wisdom. To prove that there is an exception to every rule, here's Scorpio Kate Capshaw and her Sagittarian husband, Steven Spielberg. And, in case you're wondering, a combination like this does NOT require a living legend in order to succeed. Scorpios value candour and honesty. Sagittarians are straight talkers with high integrity. They may find the Scorpios clingy and picky. The Scorpios, by turn, may find the Saggies silly and inconsistent. But love can cause all this to be forgotten and, when the stars are right, to stay forgotten, forever.


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