Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 12th to 16th 2001

Sun sign predictions

If you ever have had your full horoscope cast, you will know that as well as your usual zodiac sign (or Sun sign) you have a Moon sign, a Mercury sign, a Venus sign, a Rising sign etc. You may wonder whether, if you know this information, you should also read the forecasts for those signs every day. I happen to know that some people are already in the habit of doing this. I don't want to tell them not to because I'm not very fond of rules and regulations. This is, or ought to be, a free world. I have to say though, that I don't really approve. My forecasts on this page are designed purely as Sun sign predictions. One, per person, per day, is all I recommend!

Magic for Valentine's?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. This is not a floating festival like Easter or Chinese New Year. It is a fixed festival like Christmas. The date of it never changes, regardless of where the Moon may be. Our nasty, narrow modern calendar ignores the ancient lore of the sky. This means that sometimes, purely by coincidence, Valentine's Day turns out soft and soppy but usually, it doesn't. This year? Well, we should never rule romance out of any picture but, if you're hoping for magic soon, you'd better start striving to create it.

Eros the romantic asteroid

So there I was, just about to explain why there's no romance in the sky when suddenly, it hit me. On Monday, for the first time ever, a space probe landed on an asteroid. I don't normally work with asteroids. Some astrologers use them but I tend to feel they are too small and distant. Hang on though. This one now has a camera on it, sending back live pictures. Suddenly, unquestionably, it is in a position of influence. What's more, the asteroid's name is Eros - and this is Valentine's Day! My colleagues, who work with it, assure me that Eros can be seen as a symbol of "whatever turns you on." With their help today, I have calculated its current place in the zodiac and its influence on each sign.

Site update: Valentine's special - The Elements of Love - your compatibiity guide. Click on the link in the left hand frame.

Why people take drugs...

"Dad," said my ten year old daughter last night, "I can't understand why people take drugs." I rapidly began to prepare an explanation but before I could begin, she cut in with another sentence. "I mean, why would they need to? If you want to make your mind go woozy and weird, you just have to think about space - and how it goes on and on and on forever and ever and ever. When I do that, my eyes glaze over, my brain shuts down up and I go all funny." I fear my reply may have been a bit limp. I just said "Yes dear. That's why most people don't think about it. Do you want a cup of hot chocolate?"


Actually, there was a little more to my conversation with Jemima the other night. After we talked about infinity, we went on to discuss eternity. It is not advisable, my ten-year-old daughter informed me, to dwell on either concept for too long. Light-headedness and loss of balance can ensue. I asked her if the exercise might also give rise to an enhanced appreciation of the divine. She raised a quizzical eyebrow. "I feel sorry for god," she said. "Fancy living forever and ever - but never being allowed to be a girl."


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