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February 26th to 28th 2001

Mercury turns

Mercury governs commerce, communication and transportation. When this planet is "retrograde" people tend to encounter problems in these areas. Decisions get delayed and conversations are held at cross purposes. Computers malfunction, trains or buses become less reliable and the markets do peculiar things. None of this happens all the time of course, just more often than usual. You will be glad to hear that although Mercury has been moving apparently backwards through the sky since Feb 5, it "turns direct" today.

Other astrologers

I have been talking a lot lately, about other astrologers. This is because I have been spending more time than usual with my colleagues. We have been discussing the problems that many people encounter when they try to get a full, one-to-one horoscope consultation based on their exact time, place of birth. Normally, such a reading is both expensive and difficult to obtain. Good astrologers don't grow on trees (unless you live in certain remote parts of Wales, Devon or Cornwall). Tomorrow, I'll tell you what we have cooked up.

Astro Live link

My colleagues at the Astrological Association have long had a dream. For years, we have wanted to make it easier for people to contact us when they suddenly need to ask a question. This morning, the dream becomes reality. You can now dial a number, give your birth details to one of our team and get instant astrological insight. The cost of the call is high but it amounts to far less than the normal charge for such a reading. Being astrologers of course, we had to launch our service at an auspicious moment. It goes live on line, for the first time at 9.37am today. For more details see below.

Talk live to one of my expert astrologers today by calling 0906 11 11 310. All of my astrologers have been approved by the Astrological Association of Great Britain, so you can be sure that you will be talking to someone who is qualified to give you a comprehensive and accurate reading from your birth chart. The more you know about yourself, the more we can tell you, so it would be helpful if you also have your time and place of birth ready when you call.

Calls to this service cost 1.50 per minute. Service available between 8am and midnight (UK only). In accordance with ICSTIS regulations, all calls are recorded for your protection. You must be 18 years old or over. Readings are for guidance only. Helpline: 0870 125 0011.


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