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January 15th to 19th 2001

Confidentiality of an astrologer

Last week, I wrote about the people who claim to have been Princess Diana's Astrologer. I have had further thoughts since then. Suppose I visit a therapist. I try him for a while but then decide that I am getting no benefit. Now suppose, after my death, this therapist tells the world that I went to see him. Yet the meeting was supposed to be private. He is now using it to imply an endorsement that I might never have wanted to give him. Oh - and I can think of one more, very good reason why, if I HAD been Diana's astrologer, I would think it wise to keep quiet. I wonder if you can think of it too?

Technology and integrity

As we hurtle into the 21st century, new inventions keep obliging us to alter our expectations. New ideas keep causing us to question old beliefs and to adapt our lifestyles. It doesn't take an astrologer to see that things are likely to move on even faster in the next few years. I would though, like to suggest that some things will never alter, no matter how many internet-linked videophones we carry as we glide along on anti-grav scooters. People will always be people. There will always be a place, in this world, for those who place integrity, sincerity, honesty and compassion above all else.

Swami Chidandaroop

A leaflet has come into my hands. It contains no illustration nor does it carry the name and address of its publisher. Under the headline "SAVE GREAT BRITAIN FROM DISASTER." It says; "Swami Chidandaroop is the oldest and most venerated of sages in India. He lives in the Himalayas and rarely comes down. He has now prophesied that, by February 20 in the year 2020, if Britain is not a Republic, it will suffer major natural disasters... in which millions will die." For various reasons, I am not inclined to quake in my boots. I think tomorrow, when I share some more of his news with you, you will understand why.

Swami warning

An elderly Himalayan sage has issued a prophecy. If Britain does not get rid of its monarchy by Feb 20, 2020, "it will suffer major natural disasters... in which millions die." His leaflet goes on to call the Royal Family "completely evil." I note with interest that it does not say "partially evil" or "a bit on the evil-ish side". To me, this use of the word "completely" seems a tad harsh. But then, I am not a spiritually enlightened being like Swami Chidandaroop. The great yogi is due to visit England later this year. Tomorrow, I'll tell you how he plans to get here. You'll like this, I promise!

Swami in England?

An odd leaflet has come into my hands. It carries no picture or contact address. It simply spells out the prophecy of an elderly prophet called Swami Chidandaroop. This Himalayan sage thinks millions will die, in 2020, unless the British Royal Family step down. This is not his only peculiar promise. Although he has never left India before, the Swami intends to visit England on November 17, 2001 where "He will be seen on the skyline in YOGIC FLIGHT... showering flowers and petals on temples in London from east to west." I wonder if he will ask air traffic control for a route that avoids Buckingham Palace?


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