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July 23rd to July 27th

International protests

I have been predicting, for some while, the rapid growth of an international protest movement, mainly amongst the young. It won't all be anger and anarchy of the kind we saw in Genoa this weekend - but there will, soon, be ever more people getting ever more infuriated with governments who seem to be ever more remote from the issues that they care about. Maybe, instead of just asking the police to create "rings of steel" around them, those important heads of state should consider allowing the protestors to talk to them.


There are some questions that you really ought not to ask an astrologer. Unless, that is, you are truly ready for the answer. People in my profession know this. That's why we try to be diplomatic. We don't want to foster false hope but nor, by being too negative, do we want to quash justified optimism. It's not just personal questions that pose this problem. Right now, for instance, many business people want to know about the economic slow down. If an astrologer predicts bad news here, he (or she) creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. But actually, I don't have to be too careful. For all I see is a short slow-down, not a long grind-to-a-halt.

Lazy astrology?

Some people disapprove of astrology because, they say, it encourages people to be lazy. "If," they argue, "We believe that everything is written in the stars, we can just blame our problems on the sky and decide there is nothing to be done about our fate." But actually, astrologers are fully aware of the existence - and importance - of free will. We just feel that there are various other factors too, which are at work in our lives. Economic factors for example. Climate factors. Social factors. The aim of the game with these, as with cosmic factors, is simply to understand how they work so that we can gain power over them.

Cainer on form?

People often ask me if I follow my own predictions. The answer is "Yes... usually with a sense of surprise." When I prepare these forecasts, I go into a bit of a trance. Afterwards, I rarely remember what I wrote. I load this page afresh, therefore, in much the same way as every other reader. Sometimes, I decide that this Cainer bloke is on good form and sometimes, I can't understand him at all! For the next two weeks, I'll have an even greater sense of surprise each day and hopefully, greater satisfaction too. I'm taking a two-week break while some of the best astrologers in the world stand in for me. I'll tell you more about this tomorrow.

Cainer going on holiday!

I may read my own daily forecast on this site but I certainly don't ever try to read my own full horoscope. That would be like a barber trying to cut his own hair. When I need to look at my own life - or when I need a second opinion about a tricky chart, I go to people whose work and experience, I have come to respect over many years. One such expert is Bernard Fitzwalter. After tomorrow, I'm on holiday till August 13 and I'm delighted to say that Bernard has agreed to stand in for me next week. The following week, your forecasts will come from a different expert every day. I think you are in for a treat.


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