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June 18th to June 22nd

Summer Solstice and Solar eclipse

What an exciting week this is due to be. It brings the Summer Solstice plus a Solar eclipse, just moments after the Sun's annual ingress into Cancer on Thursday. Astrologers are very excited and, over the next few days I shall explain why. Meanwhile, be supportive if you happen to know anyone born between June 20 - 22, Dec 21- 23, Sept 22 - 24 or March 20 - 22 in ANY year. Likewise if you know someone born between Sept, 1948 - May, 1950 or in June, 1944 or in May, 1954 or between Sept - Nov 1965, or in May, 1966, or in Aug, 1973 or between Dec 1973 - May 1974, or between late Aug - early Sept 1977. For such souls, major changes are afoot at the moment.

Solar eclipse

Thursday's total Solar Eclipse will only be visible from places like Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Madagascar. Elsewhere in Africa and in South America too, a partial eclipse will be visible. The rest of us will see... nothing. Some astrologers say that an eclipse has most impact in the lands from which it can be viewed. Others say visibility makes no difference. None though, say that if you don't see it, it won't touch your life. If that was an option, we could all avoid every astrological influence, just by closing our eyes.

George Bush - Kyoto agreement - Stonehenge - Click here for Feedback Forum

I have now had many e.mails from people about my references to George Bush in the Cancer forecast. Some find them amusing. Some (American Democrats mainly) find them pleasing. And some (Republicans, natch) are deeply offended.
Just for the record, my reason for disliking Mr B is plain and simple. We live in a desperately polluted world. There's an enormous hole in the ozone layer. The polar ice caps are melting, fast. We've got a real emergency going on. If we don't wise up and change our ways, really fast... there just ain't gonna be a planet left for our kids to live on.
Now, for years, I have been predicting that environmental eco-disaster is JUST going to be averted in the nick of time. I've seen hope on the horizon. I've had faith that in the end, some powerful politicians are going to wise up and use their influence to fix things. Last year, an important international agreement was reached in Kyoto. It means nothing if the USA aren't part of it. But if they ARE, there's maybe a future for our planet after all.
So now, Bush gets into office and says, "I don't care what the last administration promised, I ain't playing. The agreement is going to cost business too much money." And I'm going "What? If you don't play, it's going cost the Earth. Literally."
I don't normally mind if people set out to stop my predictions from coming true. But when, in doing so, they put my planet in jeapordy, I do get upset. Very.
So, in conclusion, if you want to stop me writing about Bush on this site, it's easy. Just send me a categorical assurance that the world's biggest superpower is not now putting the future of this whole planet in jeapordy by its shortsighted obsession with tax cuts and low gas prices for middle America.

Last year, I travelled to Stonehenge to see the Solstice Dawn with several thousand other astrologers, pagans, druids and assorted new-age visionaries. As we stood between those ancient stones, we gazed up at the sky and saw... nothing! It was far too cloudy. Tomorrow, in the early hours, we are all going back once more. Maybe this year, we will see something. Maybe not. Who cares? It's the tradition that counts. And here in Britain, we have a great tradition of coping with disappointment... which is just as well really. For tomorrow also brings a rare solar eclipse which will only be visible from Africa!

Bush feedback - Click here for Feedback Forum

I have clearly touched a nerve with my recent comments about George Bush, his apparent lack of concern for the environment - and my fear for the future of our planet. Many emails have rolled in, some agreeing and some arguing, most eloquently, against my point of view. I am, say some, being far too simplistic. Within a few days, hopefully, we'll put up the best of these letters (from both sides of the debate) in a special new forum, here on the site. Meanwhile, many people have written in to pass on the following email.

In protest of George W. Bush's energy policies and lack of emphasis on efficiency, conservation and alternative fuels, there will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the first day of Summer, June 21 at 7 pm - 10 pm in every time zone (this will roll it across the planet). It's a simple protest and a symbolic act.

Turn out your lights from 7pm - 10 pm (your local time) on June 21. Unplug whatever you can unplug in your house. Light a candle for the Sun, kiss, make love, play games, tell ghost stories, do something instead of watching television, have fun in the dark.

Forward this message as widely as possible, to your friends, colleagues, government representatives and environmental contacts. Let them know we want global education, participation and funding in conservation, efficiency and alternative energy efforts - and an end to over exploitation and misuse of the Earth's resources.

Summer solstice

About ten thousand people stayed up to watch the Sun rise over Stonehenge yesterday morning. The weather was perfect for a truly beautiful Solstice dawn. By 4.30am, the sky was already lighter than it is at noon on many wet, overcast British days. At about 4.58am the Sun itself became visible as a tiny ball of reddish gold on the horizon. Rapidly it rose to become a glowing, growing furnace. Some stood to watch this in silent contemplation. Others performed ancient ceremonies. Most though, just sang, danced, cheered, chanted, laughed and partied - as they had been doing all night long - and as their proud pagan ancestors would have been doing for countless thousands of years.


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