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May 14th to May 18th

Site suggestions

Over the next few weeks we will be looking carefully at the layout and design of our website. Those of you who have visited regularly over a long period of time will have noticed the site grow. We think the time may have come for a major overhaul and would love to hear from the people that use this site - what features do you love/hate - what would you like to see included? Do you find the site easy to navigate? What in your opinion, makes a visually "good" website? Do you like the colour, style, typefaces used? Any feedback will be most gratefully received and considered for our future facelift. Email with subject heading: website suggestion. Many thanks.

Psychic parrot!

News has reached me of a Parrot with clairvoyant powers! It lives, I hear tell, in a North Yorkshire theme park and zoo. Once a week, the keepers slip a tray of numbered plastic balls into his cage. They then watch intently while Winston, the green winged Macaw, picks up six with his beak. By betting on his selections, the staff at Flamingo Land are said to have won over 3,000 in the last two months. I await more details with a mixture of interest and suspicion. Meanwhile, if you've got a tale about a psychic pet, do drop me a line.

Douglas Adams

I was going to write about Douglas Adams as soon as I heard that he had died. But I couldn't think of anything to say. I'm still in a state of disbelief. It's a funny thing, death. When it happens to people that you don't relate to, it just seems a bit sad and regrettable. But it happens to someone who has inspired and delighted you over many years, you really do begin to wonder why it has to happen. I don't feel scared of it - but I do feel a bit scared of life in a world without the wit and the vision of people like Douglas Adams.

Death fact, the more I think about death, the more confused I get. Isn't this the hi-tech, super-civilised, 21st century? Well then, how come we still all have to go through something so very primitive? And why is it still as inexplicable as it is inescapable? We are no nearer now, to knowing what happens after death, than we have ever been. Different religions say very different things - as do different scientists. At least though, they say something. The rest of us just try very hard not to talk about it. Which is weird.


...I mean, it is not as if none of us have ever been dead before. All of us have. We must have been. What else could describe the state we were in before we arrived in our mother's wombs? We all suddenly got here from nowhere one day, didn't we? So, if we are nowhere before we are born and if we go nowhere after we die, then nowhere must be a pretty interesting place. I suspect nowhere is actually a sort of somewhere. What do you think? Email with subject heading: somewhere.

Site update: We are proud to be able to present another new section to our website - Uri Geller's Mind Power. Each week Uri will feature a psychic topic or exercise to help unleash the potential of your mind.... enjoy. The link is in the left hand frame - hit the refresh/reload button on your browser if you can't see it there.


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