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November 26th to December 1st

Jonathan back

I have just spent a whole week, peering intently into 2002. I have plotted the positions of all the planets in 2002 and should be ready to release predictions for each sign in a few weeks time. Meanwhile, as I return to the present, I feel rather like a time traveller. Back in November 2001, a new Afghan government is still to be installed. Bin Laden is still at large. Switzerland has yet to join the UN. The Queen has not quite clocked up fifty years on the throne. The Euro has yet to take over in Europe. England's World Cup struggle has yet to grip the nation... and the threat of recession still worries people needlessly.


Human embryos can now be cloned. Is this good or is it bad? Well, we can debate the issue as much as we like - but we cannot make it go away. Likewise, we can pass laws to restrict the way that scientists use their new found power - but where there are laws there will always be loopholes. The genie is out of the bottle. It won't ever go back in. Sooner or later (I predict within twenty years) the first fully cloned human being will be born. By the time this happens, we'll find it no more strange than the notion of a baby being conceived in a test-tube.

Centre of the universe?

Site update: Who was born today? What did they say? Check out Birthday Words. Also, Mark Winter's page updates today as he asks: Are we cleaning ourselves to death? The links are in the left hand frame... Enjoy.

"I was recently told that astrology is based upon the earth being at the centre of the universe. Is this so? I would appreciate your feedback as I feel a little cheated having heard this." Mike James, Australia, by email. Dear Mike, I think you mean the Solar System, not the universe. A solar system, as the name implies, is a system centred around a sun. The universe is a much bigger thing... containing many, many solar systems. In astrology, the object of the exercise is to read meaning into "the view of the sky as seen from the earth". This remains the same as it ever was, regardless of what Messrs Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo discovered all those years ago. So, though your information is sort of right... we astrologers are not wrong!

New planet

Site update: John Michell's Mysteries page updates today - Is love really all we need? Meanwhile, Uri Geller talks about Magic... The links are in the left hand frame.

We shall talk more, tomorrow, about the exciting new planet at the edge of our solar system. Today, I want to talk about yet another new planet - an awful lot further away. To reach it, you would have to point a space craft in the direction of Pegasus and travel, for 150 years, at the speed of light. Then you'd need to find a star called HD209458. Scientists have just discovered that a planet, in orbit around this, has an ATMOSHPERE! It contains oxygen... and methane. Oxygen, we all understand. Methane though, is - how shall I put this? A pungent gas that humans and animals emit from their nether regions. So there may be life out there after all. But perhaps it is just as well that it is so far away!

Behind the Signs plus Astro News

Behind the Signs: The phrase ‘blue moon’ was first used over 400 years ago. We now use ‘once in a blue moon’ to refer to something that happens rarely. The Moon can appear blue when atmospheric conditions on Earth, and on the Moon itself, are right. Dust storms and ice crystals can affect the appearance of our nearest planetary neighbour. To read more about the "blue moon" and Friday's Astro News click here.

Match made in heaven (from the weekly horoscope section)

A Match Made in Heaven
Nicole Kidman - Gemini
Robbie Williams - Aquarius
Nicole is a Gemini - Robbie is an Aquarian. In this classic cosmic combo, both belong to the element of air and go together as well as fries and ketchup. So... er.... what can go wrong? The answer is... nothing. The partnership is proceeding precisely according to plan. This particular plan though, does not include permanence. This is a romance of convenience between two like-minded people who have decided to cook up a little excitement. Once this has all been served, devoured and digested, it will be passed through. As a friendship only though, it may last. The affinity between these two signs runs much deeper than the attraction.


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