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October 22nd to October 27th

The new planet KX 76 plus Reading the bad news?

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My kids, of course, know all about what's happening in the world. Unless I hide the papers, unplug the TV and turn off the radio, I can't protect them from the endless flood of news. They ask me what's going on? I tell them what I'm telling everyone these days. Big, serious, sad, heavy, horrible things are happening. But then, they always, always are. They never, ever stop. It's just that mostly, we ignore them. We get so used to scary stuff that we just sleep through it. Then, suddenly some of it happens in an unusual way. We get a shock. We can't stop talking about it. For a while, we can't stop worrying either. But everything is going to be OK. You'll see.


All over this planet, dreadful things are happening. All over this same earth, wonderful things are taking place. In every land, every town, every street, every home, there are reasons to feel proud, happy and inspired. Plus of course, if you care to look for them, you can find reasons to feel ashamed, sad and depressed. We can't just ignore the bad stuff. It is essential that we acknowledge it and react to it. But is also essential that we keep it in perspective. Without a proper sense of perspective, we are all, one way or another, dangerous extremists!

Mercury and Venus conjunction

A conjunction between Mercury and Venus is now taking place. That's not rare. The sky often gives us this auspicious omen of prosperity. Normally, though, it lasts three or four days. Mercury though, has lately "changed direction". It is now like a train, gradually gathering Speed. That means it is almost exactly keeping pace with Venus - which is right beside it in the sky. At the moment, both are in Libra. They will still be side by side when they move into Scorpio, early in November. We have about seventeen days of close conjunction to look forward to. Other, tougher aspects are due soon. But this should soften them all.

Decriminalise cannabis

On September 29, 1997, I wrote about the campaign to decriminalise cannabis in Britain and said "Early in the next century, it will very probably succeed." David Blunkett's recent decision is the first of many more such developments that are due across the Western World over the next ten years. This, I guess, is good news for the future prosperity of Afghanistan. I seem to recall from my own dope smoking days, that the very best hash you could get for eight pounds an ounce was neither Red Leb or Pakistani Black but Afghan Gold! My kids inform me though, that these days, you can never find it.

Mercury Direct plus Astronews plus more about the New Planet KX 76

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Behind the Signs - Mercury Direct
Thank heaven! Mercury is now moving forward again in the peacemaking sign of Libra and heading for an unusually long conjunction with friendly Venus, ruler of Libra. This is an auspicious combination when it comes to economics, making agreements and having pleasurable conversations. Gone are the times of confusion, misunderstanding and lost post. Welcome a favourable time for love, music, fine food and wine as the basic ingredients for all social engagements.

Star-crossed lovers - Elton and David
(from weekly horoscope column)
Elton is an Aries. David, is a Scorpio. This is an excellent cosmic combination - albeit something of an acquired taste. But then, so often in life, the things that take a little getting used to are the ones which ultimately bring the most pleasure. Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by Mars, planet of passion, energy and determination. This means that, in the power struggle which every successful relationship must encompass, each can give as good as they get. Yet sensitivity and empathy are also shown by the sky. This is a couple who clearly work hard to accommodate each other's needs.


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