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Astrologers normally encounter the more self obsessed side of human nature. Understandably enough, most people who consult us want to know about their own future prospects. Since the tragic events of last week however, many in my profession have noticed a sea change. People now want to know about how the future looks for all of us. They are chiefly concerned about two things. What will happen next in this war against terrorism - and what will now happen financially, to a world that was already hovering on the brink of recession before any of this began.

I have already made my own financial prediction and I stick with these despite all that has transpired. The slowdown will not be as bad as many people fear. Below, my colleague and mentor Nick Campion gives more depth and explanation to this topic. Also below, you can see the extraordinary result of a phone call I made, on Wednesday night, to Patty Greenall.

Patty is a Horary Astrologer which means she specialises in answering specific questions. Ask her anything and she will draw up a chart of the exact moment in which she heard you asking. It's an ancient technique with many strict, complicated rules.

I rang Patty, from the train from London to Yorkshire, and asked "What's going to happen next week? What will America do? What will the terrorists do?"

She rang back later to say that I had asked her the question while the Moon was both "void of course" and "in the Via combusta." I won't bore you with the details.

Let's just say that there are a handful of traditional reasons why, sometimes, a chart "cannot be fully interpreted". Some unseen hand had guided me towards consulting Patty at one of the few moments when her horoscope could not be completely relied on.

Nonetheless, you can read below what she did feel able to see.

Next week, we'll know how accurate this was.

Patty Greenall

Strictly speaking, a question like "What happens in the next week?" needs to be asked by someone who is directly involved in the action, but so far George W. hasn't telephoned me.

The Sagittarian Mid-heaven is within a degree of the ascendant of the USA horoscope. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is also within a degree of the USA sun. This shows that the USA is the country in charge and is strongly placed. Pluto on the Midheaven shows power, riches and covert tactics and being opposite Saturn, indicates ruthless revenge and terrorism.

The good news is that the adversaries will eventually retreat after being paralysed, The US actions will be more considered than most people fear. However, before the US retaliates, the West may be victimised again. In 10 days time, the tactic will change.

Recession and recovery by Nick Campion

On September 9, I attended a lecture by Bernard Fitzwalter (who wrote on these pages last week - see "Archive Thought for the Day" section). He discussed the sliding stock market and he threw in, almost as an aside, that he was expecting significant falls in the coming week, which duly came to pass.

This was no secret - and there's no mystery about it, either! The current dominant planetary alignment is a huge opposition from Pluto, on one side of the zodiac, to Saturn on the other. It has long been known to coincide with financial trouble.

If we look back to the similar points in the cycle of these two planets, it can help us get a fix on what's happening at the moment. We can go back to 1947 and the depths of rationing after the war. 1973-4 brought two miners' strikes in a row, culminating in the 'three day week'.

In 1981-2 we experienced the depths of recession, mass unemployment and inner-city riots. The last alignment, in 1993-4, coincided with the recession after the Gulf War and, in a preview of what we're seeing today, huge numbers of planes were mothballed as air travel fell by 25%.

But each time we recovered.

The simple optimistic message is that what goes down must come up. The current planetary problems move on by February of next year, and even though the shockwaves of last week will be with us for a long time, we ought, if we really want to be ready for the future - to understand that these current times of financial tension are definitely only temporary. At least there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nick Campion MA is one of Britain's leading academic astrologers. A past president of the astrological association, he has written a leading reference work on Mundane Astrology (the horoscopes of countries and of nations) and he is also a world renowned expert on the history of astrology. His website address is: