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September 3rd to September 7th

Ordinary werewolves

The Moon, as you may have noticed, is particularly round and fat now. It reached maximum "fullness" yesterday. This means, if you are a werewolf, that you have just one more night in which to go out on the rampage. And if you are not a werewolf? Ah! How can you be so sure? Many werewolves think of themselves as ordinary. When they turn back into people, they have no memory of their behaviour. In one way, maybe we are all a little like that. At Full Moon, many of us tend to be led by our inner animal. Afterwards, we often pretend that nothing much happened. Maybe that's where the werewolf came from.

Foot and Mouth vaccination

Back in March, I made a prediction about Foot and Mouth disease. I wrote "If we start using vaccinations, the crisis will be over by late Summer. If we continue with the current combination of panic and slaughter, it will be with us much longer." By June, I was starting to feel a bit silly. The official news was that Foot and Mouth had been conquered. But now, we know differently. It had not gone - it had just moved North; away from the media spotlight. I still hope my prediction is wrong but I fear it is right. I wish the government would stop vacillating about vaccinating. And I bet the cows do too.

Asylum seekers

The press is full of stories about asylum seekers. The talk is of a flood of foreigners, descending on our shores to beg for shelter and protection. Some, it is suggested, can't even be called "proper refugees". They are not escaping violence, just grinding poverty. How dreadful. Surely, we must turn them all away at once and make them someone else's problem. Mustn't we? Actually, even on these small islands, there's a vast amount of unused space. We could easily absorb another twenty million people if we were minded to make a bit of room. And immigrants, once they settle, have a long, noble history of creating wealth. So it would probably do our economy a load of good.

Our new John Michell Mystery page updates again today - this week John asks - How did the world begin? To read his article click on the link in the left hand frame.

Genuine refugees

Yesterday, I declared that Britain has room for millions more to live here. Several people have argued with this. Townsfolk, mainly. When you live in a city, it is easy to conclude that this is a crowded land. Our land though, contains vast tracts of wide open space. We could leave all our national parks intact, increase our current levels of food production and still have room for all who need our help. It would, of course, take a lot of effort but it would bring many benefits. Maybe not all asylum seekers are "genuine" - but the heartbreaking majority are. Why must we be so cold towards them?

Behind the Signs and Astro Fact

Each Friday this space will see a fascinating "Behind the signs" review where we look at exactly what is going on with the planets. We'll also be including an "Astro fact" to enable deeper understanding to astrologers interpretations. Here are our first additions and please let us know what you think.
Behind the signs: Mars enters Capricorn at 6.51pm on Saturday and will remain there until the October 28. This is great news for people born under the sign of the mountain goat and for anyone who has a clear objective to meet. Capricorn is known as the sign where Mars is exalted, dignified and has strength because it gives rise to the earthy passions, ambitions and energy.
Astro Fact: Some astrologers feel an eclipse can portend major change. In June, a solar eclipse took place at zero degrees of Cancer. This same zodiac degree is prominent in the horoscopes of several members of the royal family, including William and the Queen Mother. This weekend, Mars, often representing a cut-off point, exactly opposes (or triggers) that degree as it enters Capricorn.


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