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Friday January 25th 2002 - edited by Patty Greenall

This week in Astro News:
~ An Almanac for the Week Ahead ~

Every day on this website, under the section "Daily Planets" (the link's in the left hand frame) we show the aspects or angles between planets and then give Jonathan's light hearted interpretation of this core astrological information. It is an ancient tradition to "interpret the day" and all astrologers have their own style of interpretation.
Today, we ask Peta High, of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, to offer her "overall view" of the week to come...

Today: Assertive Mars in Aries is at odds with Chiron, the planetary body known as the Wounded Healer, so self-motivation and commitment to your own agenda could hurt someone, either on a personal or worldly level.

Tomorrow: Chatty Mercury sits next to harmonious Venus in Aquarius offering a solution to any emotional discussions that require a note of detachment. Humanitarian discussions yield positive results.

Sunday: The sun and Mercury conjoin in Aquarius at 6:55pm giving any new and inventive ideas recently presented a chance for genuine consideration by being in the spotlight.

Monday, January 28: A very active day! First, the forward-looking Aquarian sun links up to conventional Saturn denoting that old ideas or discussions could get a focus of new energy, allowing real progress to be made. Mercury connects with Mars, which could add the will necessary in order to move quickly ahead to sort out details.

The sun conjoins with idealistic Neptune showing a real desire to find new ways to help those in need, such as refugees.

Mars confronts Jupiter indicating that difficulties met could be resolved by sheer determination to find a constructive way ahead in international conflict.

Last but not least, there's a Full Moon in Leo at 10.50pm. The angles of the full moon chart set for Westminster pick up sensitive degrees of both the UK's 1801 and the USA's horoscopes. It looks like a critical time for both, when the results of the new moon on January 13 can be seen.

Wednesday January 30: Forceful Mars contacts intuitive Neptune suggesting that a useful balance can be made between the need to move ahead and an awareness of the needs of others.