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Friday September 27th 2002 - edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

This week in Astro News:
~ The good times? ~

The one thing people ask an astrologer is, ‘When are the good times coming?’ and when I say that they are here right now I get some puzzled looks. Yet it’s true. When planets make contact with each other, then according to astrological theory their energies either combine or clash, depending on the angle at which they approach each other. Like traffic, really; motorway slip roads are easy, but T-junctions are where accidents occur. When planets clash, then you are usually in no doubt that the situation has just become tense, and that something has to be done. When you then read a horoscope which tells you that you are in a sticky patch, you nod your head in approval and say ‘this guy knows his stuff’ - though in fact he has only told you what you already know.

When planets blend harmoniously, you may not notice anything at all, because there are no stresses on you - though as any astrologer will tell you, this is the best time to start something new, because then all that positive energy can be carried forward, and used to make a success of whatever it is that you’re doing. These are the ‘good times’ that people are always asking for, but when horoscopes go on about how marvellous everything is, readers mutter and ask why money isn’t falling out of the sky. ‘This astrologer talks utter rubbish’, they say.

The difference, of course, is that in hard times we have no choice but to act, whereas in good times we do - and most of the time we’re lazy, and let those moments of promise slip by. Next time your horoscope says that the planets look promising, do something!

Mercury and the Sun are together today. Mercury is still in one of his phases of reverse motion, so you can expect the usual delays and mishaps he brings, but when he meets the Sun there is a moment of illumination. Knowing why things have been going wrong does wonders for everyone’s patience; the rest of the Mercury reverse phase won’t seem so bad now.

Skywatch “As the autumn evenings draw in, some planets we haven’t seen for a while become visible again. If you’re coming home late tomorrow night at around midnight, look East and you’ll see the moon rising. Just underneath it is a yellowy-grey point of light, not twinkling but steady. This is our old friend Saturn, and I’ll have more to say about him in the coming weeks.”

Research into Astrology and Infertility by Pat Harris, MSc., D.F.Astrol.S.

I would like to thank everyone who has responded to my earlier notices on Jonathan's website and who volunteered to take part in the research that I am conducting as part of my PhD in astrology and health psychology at Southampton University, UK. I now have quite a number of people taking part which will help me in conducting my study into factors that may or may not correlate with fertility treatment outcome. I should have a progress report out soon. However, I am still looking for women who are currently pregnant - not necessarily as a result of fertility treatment - and who would like to contact me about details of my research to see if they would like to take part. My email address is:

New Service is Top for the Charts
The Astrological Association of Great Britain is proud to announce that you can now speak LIVE to an expert astrologer. For an instant in-depth telephone consultation about your full horoscope call 0845 120 1416 or +44 207 436 9101
(a confidential 30-minute reading costs £29.50, payable by credit card. Or cheque/postal order from UK.)
Lines are open 9am-9pm GMT, Monday to Friday.
A few weeks ago, the Astrological Association of Great Britain launched this new, live fixed-fee, telephone chart reading service. It has since proved big hit with callers from all over the world. AA President Roy Gillett told Astro News: "I am delighted with the warm response that we have had. Once, if you wanted a reading of your full birth chart, you would have to struggle to find a genuine, reputable astrologer. Then, you would have had to make an appointment and travel miles. Now, at last, there's a quick and easy way to get your questions answered by a real expert - from the comfort of your own home." Mirror reader Julie Roberts from Rochester was equally enthusiastic. "I rang last Tuesday and spoke to an astrologer called Maria. Within moments, she was telling me details about my childhood that she could not possibly have known... then she said some fascinating things about my future.

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